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7 Men Reveal What They Did To Get Their Ex Girlfriends Back

By on May 15, 2016
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Couples get together and break up all the time. Most of the time, the new love of your life after a break up is someone else. On more seldom occasions, your next relationship is actually… with the same woman.

That’s why affairs of the heart is such a mess. And maybe that’s why we are so addicted to it too.

Sometimes, we are just not willing to let go or simply not ready to do so. But something happened which triggered a break up. It could either be a good or bad thing. Whatever the case, there is always a number of men who ponders the question “How to get my ex-girlfriend back?”.

Here are 7 secrets 7 men have shared with me about what actions triggered their exes to come back. Their names have been altered to protect their privacy. I might have added certain minor elements to dramatize their stories… but the gist of the events remain intact.

The most audacious of which… is #3.

1) Become suddenly uncontactable

Johnny is a regular honest guy with a day job doing administrative work. And one day his girlfriend wanted to break off with him because of a “different lifestyle” in the words of his girlfriend. Brutal.

Cheating was never even a topic being brought up. He didn’t even tried to stealthily trick her into confession with a pop quiz. That’s how much he trusted her.

Maybe she took advantage of his trust. I don’t know. But that’s not the topic being discussed here.

What Johnny did after that totally flipped the power in his favor.

He disappeared.

No, this is not a disappearance like those of a suspense drama flick. (Don’t be sick) He simply took specific actions to become uncontactable.

All he wanted to do was to have some personal time and space alone to figure things out. He is not low in self-esteem and definitely has no suicidal tendencies. If you have ever suffered from a sudden unexpected breakup, you would know that you need a little personal time to detox and flush out the toxic left in your heart.

  • He put his phone on silent at work. Little damage done since his job doesn’t require the use of his own phone.
  • He only returned calls of a couple of best friends for short casual chats. You see, friends last forever.
  • He stopped checking his personal email. There’s nothing in your inbox these days other than spam anyway.
  • He stopped logging into his social accounts. There’s so much salesy advertising on Facebook since their IPO…
  • He even stopped joining social events.

This went on for about 3 weeks until he was ready to welcome the world with open arms again. He even wrote a letter for his exgirlfriend to thank her for the memories.


To his astonishment, the first day which he “re-opened” his phone lines, a friend of his ex called and told him about how devastated she was. And it was in the most recent week which he went “missing” that she totally broke down.

Maybe the 100+ missed calls from her had something to do it with 😀

He called her and she confessed how much she missed him during the weeks gone by. She was sorry and begged him to forgive her.

Johnny was actually ready to move on with his life, but with a twinkle in his eye, he took her back.

2) Become her boss

This is a story that you would think only happens in movies starring Hugh Grant.

I’ve been in a few office romances, and I have experienced enough of it to not recommend it. But that’s not what Alfred had in mind.

He is a front line banker mixing it up with a group of dynamic and attractive young team. And as you would expect, the after-hour drinking sessions are the best opportunities to seize the moment and hook up with someone you fancy at work.

That’s exactly what Alfred did… with a woman who has a boyfriend in the same office…

Only that 6 months later, she fell for another cute thing in the office and ended things.

Knowing how much she loved her job as a banker in her current surroundings, Alfred knew that he would be able to have her on the palm on his hand if he became the alpha male in that office. In his mind, this was like a rule in Dating 101.

And he did it! In 15 months.

become the boss

He worked doubly hard and achieved breathtaking sales numbers and became the department head. (That’s how rewarding and fast a banking career can be)

The power he now wielded in the office made him the most eligible male at work. It was only a matter of time that his ex will come crawling back. And she did.

3) Take on a huge loan

When Jack’s girlfriend left him, his world was already starting to tumble.

He had just received his notice of retrenchment and his overdue rental is already giving him nightmares. All that he could look forward to was the payout in the retrenchment package.

He has no idea whether his job security had anything to do with the break down of the relationship.

You see, his girlfriend was openly materialistic. Not that it was something to be ashamed of. At least she was frank about it.

He would work his butt off and spend up to 80% of his salary (after paying rental) on showering her with gifts and fine dining. She knew of his financial situation and had no qualms with his spendings on her. Being a corporate high-flyer herself doesn’t mean that the man she dates will be allowed to shortchange her on the things she deserves.

With a hunch of the reason behind her leaving him, he had to act fast. And he knew exactly what to do. He had only himself to blame if he procrastinates.

Since his is still technically employed and still holding a verified computerized pay stub, banks will use those documents for assessment of loan approvals. Once he exceeds a certain time frame, his most recent payslips will reveal that he is being let go by his employers.

So he went to a lender and borrowed the biggest quantum of loan he can qualify for based on his income.

He then went on to spend lavishly on her and they both had a great couple of month. She accepted him again and the romance was reignited.

He got his ex back.

Jack got lucky and found new employment almost immediately. So the repayment of his loan was no problem. But he acknowledges that if he had not acted in that manner at the crucial moment, he would have lost her. And she would end up in someone else’s arms during that window when she was single.

He is positive that they will get married and live happily ever after. And he has no problems with being needy. Full marks for his positivity…

He had no problems with her having a gold-digging aspect in her personality (since she’s gorgeous). It might rise again some day and give him hell again. But if that is who she is, and he loved her, he would accept her whatever the case.

He can always take another loan.

4) Take her on a world tour

go on a world tour

This proves that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Michael received a text from his girlfriend that she wants to end things between them. And she insisted that there was no way back.

He had suspected something was going on behind his back since he had become more lonely on weekends compared to weekdays. The main suspect is that seductive man who dresses like a peacock attending the same night classes as her.

He didn’t know at this point whether she was worth his affection anymore since in his heart, he had already decided that she betrayed him and ran away with someone else. But the man in him told him that even if he was to lose her, it was not going to happen due to a third party. Especially to a loser who don’t even keep a business suit in his closet.

He decided to bring out the cannons. It was decisiveness at the very highest level.

As a couple, they had always flirted with the thought of dropping everything and heading off to a world tour encompassing at least 5 continents. She loved to travel and he would like to see more of the world too.

So Mike replied to his now ex-girlfriend the next day saying that he had been planning for that worldwide trip for months. In truth, he scrambled like a Chihuahua throughout the previous night to dig out all the travel information he needed. He just knew that this was the weakness in which he will launch his counter-attack.

And he was right.

They dropped everything and went on an intercontinental romance for 3 months.

They are now husband and wife and they are never going to break up ever again. At least until space travel becomes a novelty.

5) Show her the photo book

This is probably something that a lot of men do in an attempt to win back their ex-girlfriends. Many dating coaches and experts actually laugh like they are watching SNL saying that these actions are for wimps.

But you can’t deny that there is proof that they do work at times.

Anthony is a great example of this.

His relationship was 5 years in. And with both of them being active with the great outdoors, they often took a lot of pictures with the backdrops of the most beautiful sceneries you can imagine.

Anthony never thought much about the pictures. But he did purchase a collection of photo albums when it was on sale in Walmart to place their photographs in. Little did he expect the enormous impact it would make.

His girlfriend wanted to break things off as she wanted to see more of the world. What an irony…

A month after their break-off, she finally found time to stop by Anthony’s house to pick up her belongings. Heartless…

While digging through the junk, like a scene out of National Treasure, they found the photo albums lying in a carpet of dust and cobwebs.

It was at this time when Anthony realized just how beautiful the albums were. This was a series, a whole range that some collectibles freak might pay thousands of dollars for. It was the real deal. And they looked oddly majestic!

picture album of dating couple

They flipped through the pages together and unable to suppress the memories, she cried as if a spell was cast. Well, since they are a couple of adults alone in a room, you can probably guess what occurred next.

She regrets how she could have even entertained the multiple thoughts of breaking up. They lived happily ever after.

6) Go bring her home

bring home ex gilrfriend

Among the many stories that I have read through, this is probably the most romantic one worthy of a big-budget production in Hollywood.

James was just a kid approaching the big 21. He had been dating a classmate since he was 18. And you will know how dramatized and emotional relationships can be when you were younger.

Little did he expect that his relationship would have a negative impact on his girlfriend’s grades. This was not a minor impact like going from B+ to B-. We are talking about going from an A to an F!

I guess this is why most people assume that love means more to women than men. Because it can take over their lives.

Anyway her parents decided that the only way she was going to get her academic qualifications back on track according to the plan they laid out for her was to send her overseas to study for an 18-month degree. Being the obedient girl that she was, the decision was really out of her hands.

She broke up with James, went off the grid, and flew off within a month. Maybe she was looking forward to the foreign hunks. Who knows?

Even the idea of a long distance relationship wasn’t on the agenda. It was a bad break up.

6 months in and 6 months apart, with a nightly routine of drinks, night clubs and karaoke, James decided to go find her. He was consumed by the agony.

He found that his course allowed him to defer his studies for up to a year. And he timed it to perfection. Because he stubbornly activated the deferment against the wishes of his parents a day after he reached 21. Making him an adult (legally) able to make his own decisions.

He dug up her address from mutual friends and flew to a foreign land in search of the love of his life. He couldn’t find her at her address and panicked. He then ran to her school and bulldozed his way into her class. I don’t even have the words to described what happened there.

They spent the next year together. Making ends meet by being very frugal.

But there would be consequences.

In James’ country, he is liable for military service. And as luck would have it, something went wrong with his deferment and he was drafted during the period when he was overseas.

He was arrested on his return and served some time in prison for his pursuit of love.

How can a girl leave him after all that?

7) Become a playboy

You would think that after a girl breaks up with her boyfriend, she would want him to be happy and enjoy himself.

That is not the case. Enter Ken.

Ken is an average looking guy. Yet somehow women are attracted to him for whatever unknown reasons. He has the pick of the bunch. And he chose a girl that he was totally crazy over.

The problem was that she was a looker with a body to die for. She has more options than than you can count. And one day she non-nonchalantly left him with little remorse and no time to look back even for a last glance of him.

Ken truly loved her. So much that he insist no one can comprehend what trauma he was going through. He was destroyed and don’t know where the road to recovery would start. And as if on a mission, he started to sleep with every girl who fancies him until he basically lost count. He was never this way and the demise of the relationship somehow transformed his personal values.

playboy makes ex girlfriend jealous

On another one of those nights, he was living it up with a bunch of girls at a club. And as fate would have it, he ran into his ex.

He tried to play it cool even though every cell in his body told him to get on his knees and beg for her to come back. He held his composure to avoid having his true feelings exposed, and enjoyed the night in the manner in which he had become accustomed to over the many weeks of being single.

As the party was over, he walked to his car hand-in-hand with the lucky girl for the night. Out of the shadows, like Catwoman, his ex-girlfriend popped up (I can’t confirm if there was a somersault involved) and gave the other girl a good slapping around while shouting words that are too distasteful for this blog to publish.

Ken was shocked… but quietly impressed with himself… 😀 But at this point he was too drunk to feel the full context of what was going on. No need for acting.

His ex drove him home in his car and they had a night of passion like how it used to be.

The next morning? It was as if they never broke up.

She revealed later that she heard from friends about what he had become and feels a little guilty over it. And even though she did not go to the club intentionally to look for him, she was hoping that she would run into him by chance. She denies ever bitch-slapping that poor girl.

Ken really had no intentions of playing any psychological tricks on her. But since it worked, he’d take it with both hands. In his mind, jealousy was what got to her.

Final words

Well that just about wraps up this collection of case studies on what men have done to successfully win their ex-girlfriends back. I have to say that it was as much fun writing it as it was to learn about them.

Remember that there will always be a chance to get back together with you ex as long as you do something about it. But if you really like her, inaction will almost certainly mean that you will lose her forever. So is she worth fighting for?

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