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11 Non Verbal Cues That Will Reveal Yourself As A Beta Male

By on February 28, 2014
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What submissive behaviors and habits are you to avoid? Any one of the following non-verbal cues can turn a woman off as if being struck by lightning. It’s like taking stolen electronics out of Walmart. The Alarm will go off instantly and there is nothing you can do about it.

Communication is over 90% non-verbal. So it’s actually not what you talk about that matters, but how you use non-verbal cues in your interactions that communicates your manliness to women. Because if words alone is enough to make a judgement on someone, all presidential candidates have to do are to submit their essays on how they like the country to be run. There would be no need for campaign rallies and debates, or even show a public face.

The only things about that women think about are the bad ones when your eyes and voice reveal submissiveness.

1) Body language. Specifically, you don’t want to show any closed body language. These are the things which reveal you are not comfortable with your surroundings or yourself in particular. When you go to the mall, you will see people walking all over the place except the very center of pathways meant for them. That is because the middle path is meant for the alphas. Start taking up space and walk right in the center of pathways. It will give you good training in being  focus of the people around you. Soon you will realize that it’s not that intimidating after all.

2) High pitched voice. If you have a high pitched voice naturally, start practicing how to speak in a lower tone with some bass. Low tones are sexy. Even men find women with low husky voices sexy. So it’s not gender specific. But what you can be sure of is that a low pitch voice is much more manlier than a high pitched one.

3) Walking fast. People who are in a rush shows that they are not in control with their life. If they are in control, they won’t be in a rush in the first place. This is a simple way to look at it. Brisk walking communicates all the wrong things unless you are training for the Olympics.

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4) Stop grooming yourself in public. In public, never play with your fingernails to check the cracks, play with your hair as if your hand is a bionic comb, crack your knuckles obnoxiously, use your tongue as a dental floss, or dig your ears. Grooming is done before you go out. Not during. On top of that, eliminate the bad habits of biting your lips, twitching your nose or shaking your legs while crossing them. There are so many bad habits that we can do. They all communicate that you are not comfortable with yourself.

5) Verbal farts. Verbal farts are the “um..”, “err”, “ah” that you use in conversations with people. Some people use them purposely to make what they say sound more spontaneous. Don’t do that. You are someone who knows what you are going to say. You are sure of yourself. So you don’t let your mouth fart. Replace these verbal farts with pauses. Pauses can do a double job and create anticipation too. That can be useful in dating.

6) Looking around. When talking to a woman, don’t allow your eyes to rove around. It is a clear indication that you are not fully comfortable with eye contact. If you really are unable to look someone in the eye, try looking through them by trying to looking at a imaginary item behind.

7) Bad posture. A very common body language mistake is slouching. Since so many men make this mistake, you can easily stand out by actually standing and sitting straight. Hold up your chest and hold back your neck. Don’t walk with your head leaning forward. That is ugly and something a lot of people do unconsciously.

8) Slow reaction. If you take too much time to respond to someone, it says that you are putting too much thought into something. That is a sign that you are approval seeking and too worried about saying something wrong. Everybody gets caught on this one once in a while. If it does happen, and you realize it, you can choose to ignore the question or start talking about something else. Or allow yourself to be distracted by something in the surrounding.

9) Too much smiling. Don’t smile too much. It shows submissiveness. Alpha males don’t smile unless there is something to smile about.

10) Speed of movement. Have you ever watched actors portray fags in the movies? They often do that by talking fast and moving their arms about quickly. With this as a guideline, you want to move slowly and confidently as it could be the exact opposite fast movements.

11) Excessive blinking. A person who blinks too much shows that he is not sure of himself. This can be a tough habit to break if you are someone who is a hardcore at blinking. I can only say that you have to find a way. Maybe see a doctor for professional advice?

I know, it can be overwhelming to put all these ideas into practice immediately. That’s not what you have to achieve. You can resolve them slowly one by one. As long as you know your eventual goal is to solve them, that is pretty good enough. Don’t go too hard on yourself when you fail. Baby steps.

Have a real awareness of your unconscious behaviors and habits. Then correct them knowingly. That’s what a man in transformation does. Being obnoxious and refuse to improve yourself is dating suicide. If you want to be more successful with women, self-improvement is mandatory.

Your perception is your reality.

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