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3 Steps To Evict Your Inner Wuss Once And For All

By on April 16, 2014

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The key to being an alpha man, the type that is desirable to women lies in the game you play with your head each and every day. And that refers to your inner game. It’s about what you think of yourself, what you think of others, and what you think of the world. Women have the intuitive ability to quickly pick up what is going on inside your mind. From the signals you send unknowingly, they will either feel that you are creepy, another guy who does not “get it”, or someone attractive. Let’s outline the mind game and what you need to internalize in order to attain that level of attraction.

Just a recap. You won’t be able to completely mimic an alpha male as it is next to impossible to specifically define one. But even so, when you display alpha behavior, people assumes that you are a alpha even when you are far from it. Whereas, an alpha male who does not display his qualities is as good as an unknown since no one knows of their characteristics.

Evicting Your Inner Wuss Once And For All

There is a lot of change needed if you want to set the man inside you free from social rules. You need to do that in order to be completely free to do whatever you want without fearing the backlash of the social police.

Firstly, you have to evict that wimp inside you and everything that reminds you of it’s presence. Go all out.

Things that you can do:

1) Throw way every item in your room that reminds you of your past relationships. These include teddy bears, love letters, sexy messages, photographs, motion pictures, ballads, gifts, etc. To prevent yourself from chickening out before getting this done, just go ahead and throw everything away. Don’t give yourself time to reconsider. Just do it decisively and move on with your day.

2) Replace everything that are meant for boys. You are a man now. It is time to change your bedsheets to one that resembles that, buy a new queen sized bed to replace the single bed frame, buy new clothing that fits instead of them being 1 size larger, etc. The way you live tells a lot about you to a woman. And one of the best way to communicate to a girl that you are a man without talking is to let her observe your place as one belonging to a man.

3) Hide your childhood collectibles. Everyone have been young once. And there could be a lot of stuff you keen which reminds you of your days of innocence. I have a huge closet full of them. You don’t have to throw them away. But at least hide them from view. They could be a great tool for comfort building once you are in a relationship. But before that, hide them so that a possible negative perception is not created in the mind of the girl you are dating.

You might somehow think that these changes are not about inner game. But since inner game is a lot to do with unconscious action, you want to eliminate everything that can affect you unconsciously while you go about your personal transformation. Just tuck them away in somewhere safe. I’m not asking you to throw them away.


Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You

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