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How To Be A Real Man? By Accepting That You Are One!

By on September 17, 2014
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I’ve always thought that personal traits and characteristics were the switches that turn on the attraction for women until I met Trevis Tee. I mean… I was successful with women on a consistent basis and felt that I had this figured out.

And then here comes a man to blow everything I’ve known since I’ve became a self-learning seducer, out of water. I mean this guy is a total freak of an attraction magician. Even I’m drawn to him and (I admit) embarrassingly seek his approval. And I see myself as a leader of men.

When I first questioned Trevis in 2009 about what makes him different from other players, his answer was that he was not as good as the others. Even that answer is an attraction spike… because everyone obviously knows that he is definitely not worst off than many of the gurus in the community.

Then came his description of what makes a man overflow with attraction juice to women. That alpha traits, characteristics, and behaviour, are only attractive to women when they are driven by belief systems stemming from the animal within us. Boy is that deep.

You see, we have been taught in this community that alpha traits like confidence and bad-boy attitudes are attractive to women. So it really blew my mind when someone successful comes along and gives a strong case for a second opinion.

And when Trevis gave his classic example, who in the right mind can question otherwise.

“The captain of an aircraft carrier and the manager of a strip club may both be seen as alpha men. They may have differing traits, attitudes, thinking, outlooks and the way they carry themselves. But many people will agree on both of them being alpha men when they meet them. Weird Huh?” – Trevis Tee

Want to find out what are the similarities between a Captain and a strip club manager? Read Top Form Alpha Man.

But for me, what really makes Trevis stand out from the internationally well-known gurus that I’ve learned from is that he rates the number 1 attraction quality as something I’ve never heard anyone describe before. And it is profound. It’s not even in the same category as what a quality is. The closest term I can think of to describe it is a philosophy. A philosophy that when you nail down, you will make women think about spending their lives with you. It is jaw-dropping stuff.

In his book, Top Form Alpha Man, you will learn about his story and how he became a hybrid natural. He also layouts a system you can follow to get the women you want. But the core of the material is about conquering yourself and making yourself a real man you are destined to be. This is where the true value of material resides.

“When men are unable to attract women, the main reason behind it is because they have somehow unknowlingly suppressed the attractive traits that they already have. And those are the things that women look for in a man.” – Trevis Tee

When Trevis “retired” from the community in 2011 due to his engagement, I was truly happy for him that he found his life partner. But I was just a little disappointed that he did not share his methods and concepts with the masses. Because I believe that it will help many of us see a new dimension to the concepts of attraction and seduction.

So you can probably tell that I’m delighted to see him back. And his book doesn’t fail to deliver.

It takes what we have come to describe as the alpha male into a whole new dimension. And it’s not just about getting women into bed. It’s also about making yourself a better man. A man that women can see a long term future with. You have to read it.

Top Form Alpha Man is not exactly what we describe as affordable at $77. But once you read what’s inside it, you will find that the value contained in the book is worth much more than that.

Download Top Form Alpha Man

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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