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The Only Thing Men Need From Women Is Sex

By on September 26, 2010
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The more women I meet the more I verify something very disturbing. It’s a travesty that after years of civilization, empowering women, and social advancement that there is something still lodged firmly in their minds.

I went out with a woman last week who mentioned that “men only want sex from women” at least 8 times throughout our conversations. Hearing this from women is getting too repetitive these days. Although she said that light-heatedly in casual conversation, you can tell that she really believes that. Holy banana… no wonder she’s never been with a man she would classify as a “boyfriend” in her relationship career.

Now this woman is above average in appearance, works as a school teacher, has a calm personality, slender body, and speaks very well. So how the crap does she come up with these “men only want sex from women” beliefs when she has never had a boyfriend? From the stories that corporations had implanted in her mind so as to sell more of their products and propaganda.

Well you better bust her balls whenever you hear this from women. Because what happens when you let this belief seed into your interactions will her will come back to haunt you later in the relationship.

What happens when a woman’s “men only want sex from women” belief is seeded in your relationship with her?

She starts BELIEVING that the only thing she has to contribute to the relationship is SEX. Unless you are only looking for a sexual relationship, I’m willing to bet that you will be treated like a slave in exchange for sex (which you will be the one doing all the work to pleasure her) in a real relationship that means something to you.

In a relationship, sex is just part of the deal. There is ACTUALLY more important stuff that women can contribute to a man’s life other than spreading her legs for him. Men know this. If the only thing men needs from women is sex, men can easily get sex at $40 for a 45 minute session. There will be no need for a girlfriend AT ALL.

You have doubts? Just ask a married man why his marriage is not working out even though he bangs her every now and then.

Every time there is a confrontation, the ONE thing that women ALWAYS use as leverage (sometimes even as a weapon) over men is to WITHHOLD sex. The only thing she needs to contribute to a relationship is by giving you the permission to have sex with her. Everything else is a charity item to her.

What does that tell you about how they think about relationship dynamics? It frames relationships as meaning everything to women but only MEANS sex to men. If you have been in a relationship that you actually planned for the future, you will agree that that is just horse shit. There is so much more that you want from your woman other than just sex… if only they can get around their own heads on this one…

So take on the duty and responsibility of creating a sound foundation that sex is not the ONE thing you want from a relationship. There are other expectations you have on her as well. You are saving yourself from slavery and giving her the gift of something more than just a sexual relationship. Unless what she wants is just a sexual relationship of course…

It is important not to let these “men only want sex from women” declarations sink in in your interactions. If a woman is so fixated with the “men only want sex from women” belief, you are better off without her.

Here are some things you can do when a woman says “men only want sex from women”.

1) Look at her like she is your 5 year old daughter who just told you she wants a dildo for her Christmas present

2) Shake your head like she just wet her pants

3) Roll your eyes as if saying “here it comes again…”

4) Laugh at her saying that the world only revolves around her

5) Spank her

Be a pussy and let her run all over you at your own peril.

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