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A Crash Course On Making Friends With Hot Women

By on January 16, 2016
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Ah, the mysteries of hot women. Where do they go? What do they do? How to make friends with them?

The questions, my friend, are endless. Meeting hot women does not merely happen by chance, it is, in fact, a rather beautiful art form.

Build it, and be honest

Making friends with hot women is like building any relationship; it takes time, trust and honestly.

There is simply no way you can trick a woman into liking you. Putting on a show of pretenses will not only appear shallow, but it could also get you into some serious trouble when she finds out and throws a huge fit.

No, instead you have to be willing to invest the time and effort into securing a friendship, based on at least elements of the truth and use the tools you have to enchant her, rather than trying to trap her with lies and bravado (as tempting as that may seem).

Then you might just have a chance of getting her hot for you.

Remember: trying to rush her into a decision about you will most likely end up with you alone. It’s not a good idea. Instead you can use certain techniques so as to ensure hot women realize that they want to have you. I will describe one such technique that rarely fails within this article.

Where to meet hot women

First you need to know where to find hot women.

It is all very well meeting a girl in a club, but, with the lights down low and the booze flowing as ever, it’s difficult to know if she is truly attractive or whether this is merely an illusion.

If you have pulled enough ladies from clubs… you will know exactly what I’m talking about…

So let’s first cross off nightclubs, bars and any other form of night-life from our list.

A great place to meet women is through societies or activity clubs. This works two fold as the women will not be expecting to be hit on in this environment, so will have their guard down and the atmosphere will be relaxed, making conversation and interaction easy from the get go.

Join a club which mainly appeals to women, such as dance, drama or crafts (not to be stereotypical, but women are more likely to join these classes).

This will give you an advantage from the beginning. You will be one of the only straight men within the club or society, meaning you will have a large number of ladies to choose from. You will notice that the male/female ratio in a club of this nature is much more favorable to you than in a bar or a nightclub.

Once in the club you should do your best to introduce yourself to all of the attractive women; get in early to establish yourself as a friend figure from the very beginning. This will mean that from the beginning these women will trust you and not see you as a threat, which will make it easier to move things forward later.

The next move

When you have established some budding friendships (say, you’ve gone out as a group after class, had a few drinks etc.) you can attempt to move on (!).

Pick your favorite.

I know it might be difficult, but if you try and nail all of the women in the group, chances are you will end up nailing none of them.

Once you have picked your favorite hottie, let’s call her Julia, you need to invite her out for a short and sweet one on one.



You should approach this as you would any other social arrangement.

Ask Julia to go somewhere with you, say for coffee or lunch, as you would ask a mate to hang out. Don’t put too much emphasis on the meeting, as this is likely to scare her off.

She can basically smell how desperate you are, and no amount of after shave can hide the smell of desperation. Keep things casual and easy going. When you finally meet up, the real game begins!

The Push and Pull Technique

On meeting Julia, you should appear to have made a minimal amount of effort into your look.

Don’t turn up in a suit or even a shirt, but you need to look decent.

A splash of after shave is enough. Don’t overdo it.

Turn up and be polite. You might want to hug her, as this establishes physical contact, which will make any further touches less of a threat.

Then what?

During the conversation with Julia you should employ the Push and Pull technique.

This means, metaphorically, that you pull her close one minute and the next push her far away. For example, complimenting her means pulling her in, whilst telling here that you fancy her friend means pushing her away.

This works psychologically and both entices and attracts Julia to you; firstly because you appear to like her and secondly because you appear to be unavailable. A typical conversation employing this technique may go as follows:


You: Hi Julia! (Hug) I love your hair today, did you do something to it?

Julia: Oh thanks, no, I’m just wearing it down for a change.


You: Oh, I thought it looked different. Anyway I really wanted to get you here to talk about Anna. Do you think I have a chance with her?

In this conversation Julia will both feel appreciated by you and simultaneously rejected by you in favor of her friend Anna.

The initial hug followed by a compliment is the classic Pull, opening up the idea of the two of you as an item, whilst the second question relating to Anna is a Push, shutting down that very idea before Julia has had a chance to consider it.

This then sets your status as unavailable and there is nothing more attractive to a woman than something she can’t have. The idea here is that Julia ultimately feels jealous of you liking Anna and attempts to win your affections back during the course of the date.

If you pull this off well Julia should be in your arms before the two of you can even finish your coffee. (Alright. I exaggerated, but not much.)

A common mistake men who are less experienced in the dating game make is to think ONE technique can close the deal. That can actually be true. But you need to go out and PRACTICE them to get good at them.

My best advice is to go out, get social, and start practicing your material. Because when that woman who is so right for you shows up, you could crash your game as you are not as good as you should have been. It would be like you having all the tools for success… but didn’t know how to handle them properly… Bummer

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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