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5 Bad Mistakes When Flirting On Dating Sites

By on December 16, 2015
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It’s hard to imagine that a decade or 2 ago, online dating is something that people frown at.

Dating sites are supposedly a marketplace for singles who can’t get a date even if their life depended on it. Try bringing your experience to a dining table and your friends will look at you with utter bemusement.

So much has digital technology been a part of our lives these days that online dating no longer suffers that level of condemnation.

It’s now one of the most common places singles find each other. And I meant that as an understatement.

However, even though public perception has changed for the better regarding finding a partner in the virtual world, how participants have approached it has not changed.

It’s such an irony that most men continue to make common mistakes when we have grown so accustomed to socializing online.

These are the mistakes I’m talking about. And you must get them out of your system.

Showing “interest”

Depending on what websites you have registered to, the term changes from place to place.

Some call it a “nudge”, some say it showing “interest”, some give “likes”. Whatever they call it, it is the act of notifying a member that you find her attractive… hoping that she would reply with a positive response.

You know why this is so wrong?

Because by using this function, you are saying that you find her so hot that you are too embarrassed to talk to her straight away. Basically you become the man without the confidence to just chat up someone… even when they cannot see you…

Next time, if a female profiles catches your attention, just send a message.

Bad profile Picture

I get it that some people are not confident enough on their looks to display it online. The underlying fear is that they will get rejected immediately when a woman views the picture.

You are putting too much thought into this.

Showing a profile photo is way better than not showing one at all.

A black photo just gives the impression that you are faceless stranger. And looking for opportunities to pounce on gullible young women. That’s not how you want it.

On a deeper level, it shows women that you are still not comfortable enough with the taboo associated with online dating. You feel afraid that your friends and colleagues might make fun of you when they find out where you are trying your luck. This makes people wonder why you get online anyway when you are operating with so many mental barriers.

You don’t need to have the looks of Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper. But you definitely need a photo.

If you are acne prone and don’t want to show a close up, at least have a picture of you in a body shot. Maybe one where you are playing golf or cycling.

Pictures that tend to get the best response are candid shots.

Here’s more on profile pictures.

Bad headline

In order to get a girl to meet up, you need her to check out your profile. In order to get women to check out your profile, you need a picture and… an intriguing subject line.

Don’t go for the boring

  • 32 year old man looking for girlfriend
  • Hello, how are you?
  • Looking for serious relationship

There are thousands of men using headlines like that. How boring can that be to women who get hit on every day by the hundreds.

You don’t need to hire a professional copywriter. Simplicity can achieve a little intrigue and curiosity.

For example

  • Chocolates make me giddy
  • Gassy drinks don’t make me burp
  • I only have 10 fingers

The objective of your subject line is to get as many people to click through to your profile as possible. You don’t need to back up anything you mentioned in the subject line. It’s a virtual world for goodness sake.

If you are wondering, these are tips on what to write in your text profile.

Gross pickup lines

You really don’t need to start a conversation with a slick pickup line.

Under normal circumstances, cheesy conversational openers can probably get a certain reaction. But it does not work the way you think it does when used in online dating sites.

Women simply don’t have time for that. They get them all the time and it becomes very difficult to tell one man from another.

Be casual and don’t cramp a full paragraph of text into the conversation window. Blurbs are best. Refer to something she mentioned in her profile for best results.


Don’t emphasize how rich you are, the sports car you drive, the branded apparel you dress yourself in, etc.

Even if you are only flirting, women can read it the wrong way as they are solely basing the interaction based on text.

You can brag in a flirty way when you are on a date. But not on the internet.

People can quickly paint a picture of you even if that is not a true reflection of who you are. And you can’t blame them as the only they have to assess you by is text.

Don’t try to qualify yourself. Don’t seek approval. And don’t answer questions she demands to be answered. Treat it like a playground and you will do just fine… usually.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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