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Christmas Gifts To Maintain Casual Relationships

By on December 18, 2010
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I’m not an advocate of buying gifts for for women or pleasing them for the sake of it. There are so many women around that if you are to obligate yourself to please them all, you won’t even have to time to go to work. I’ve seen men first hand do things just for the POSSIBILITY to please women. That is just sad. Because if you are doing so much for a women who you haven’t even slept with… my god… you are an approval seeking puppy dog wannabe. My bet is that you will not get to see her in her undies. Maybe only in her facebook pictures when she was posing in them with another guy.

However if you are already enjoying success in dating, it is only right that you treat women who you are in a casual relationship right. I know the drill. In a casual relationship, you don’t want the woman to think that the relationship is getting serious. You don’t feel like you are responsible for her life, and you definitely don’t want her to impose high expectations on you just because you are behaving like a boyfriend. It really is a balancing act to maintain healthy casual relationships.

On the other hand, women in casual relationships may also feel the same way about you. She don’t want to have to meet what she thinks are your expectations when you see her as a girlfriend. All she want is you to give her the pleasure that a woman of her beauty deserves.

So as festivals like Christmas comes knocking, you have a slight dilemma. Do you reward her with gifts for relieving you of the tension building below your belt buckle everyday? Or do you continue to treat her like you don’t care to maintain the attraction? This is a riddle players have been pondering over for centuries.

When I first started to really get good with women, I stuck to being nonchalant because I was seeing great results. You don’t want to change anything that is not broken.

By not giving, you get the other party to do crazy things just to see you relent. Sound familiar? Women do this to men all the time. And men willingly gobble the bait like a snakehead. Just that in this case, men willingly want to get reeled in just to get close to women.

My paradigm has shifted regarding this. And it only applies to women who are already in a casual relationship with me. They should very well be rewarded with more attention for being there when you need them. I’m not saying you should start treating her like a princess. You will lose her that way as soon as a proper player who is good enough to operate a dating advice online site comes along. I’m saying that you should reward her… but only on your own terms. Not because she demands it. From my experience, if a woman is in a casual relationship with you, she wouldn’t even demand anything from you anyway.

So when you actually give her something, it can totally blast her mind. You will be seen in a different light. You become someone who is not just about sex. You are a real person and you do have an ability to love. The sex get better. And she will really start to treat you like a king. I’m only referring to women who you are already banging. Don’t relent on women who are still playing hard-to-get. They don’t deserve your affection.

When we play games, throw out techniques and flirting with frames, etc, we are building attraction. Yes it’s true. When you are doing this long enough with good practice, you can actually know at which moment you had flipped a woman’s switches to open her dam. It’s as obvious as a flare in the ocean sky. Attraction is very powerful stuff.

But there is another level of attraction. A level that cannot be built without an intimate relationship already in place. It’s a travesty that most women are unconsciously looking for this level of attraction without understanding that it requires sex to attain that level. Because when the anticipation of the prospect of sex gets out of the way because the 2 of you are already doing it like bunnies, it opens you up as you are no longer driven by that instinct that wants you to reproduce.

The shield is broken and you can reach her core like nothing else.

It goes like this.

Attraction -> Sex -> Level Up Attraction

No amount of techniques, routines, storytelling, role plays, etc, can do anything to trigger this level of attraction I’m talking about.

What is it that you can give women that can trigger unmatched attraction?

One thing is to let her know that you were casually thinking about her and was looking out for her. Let’s say you meet up with your 2nd girlfriend every Tuesday for some backdoor action. Subtly let her know that you were looking out for her at some point during the week while you were not “supposed” to even care about her. Maybe you were at the mall on Sunday and saw a cute hairband that would look cut on her. Just grab it and give it to her next Tuesday. She will be floored just from this simple action on your part.

I’m not saying that you need to do this to maintain a casual relationship. I know that sometimes we can get our eyes off the ball because we are already getting what we want. I’m suggesting that if you think that one of your casual girlfriends deserves to be rewarded for always being there when you need her the most, this is a reward that will absolutely thrill her.

Since Christmas is around the corner, go out and get some gifts for casual relationships that you feel deserves to be rewarded. It’s the thought that counts. And don’t do it with the expectation to get something back from her. Doing so would defeat the purpose in the first place. And remember to wrap them with a fancy ribbon on top. Ribbons multiplies the presentation ten-fold.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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