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Online Dating Advice – Attract Attention And Intrigue With Your Text Profile

By on August 17, 2010
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Online dating seems to be the IN thing these days. It is becoming widely accepted because of hectic work schedules and the social stigma attached to meeting someone online is disappearing.

Heck! These days, we spend more time socializing ONLINE rather than in person!

If you are still living in the cavemen age, let me explain some great positives from online dating websites. The internet has made searching for laser targeted stuff at the tip of your fingertips. You can fire your searches in search engines and the best match to your queries appear instantly.

That means… YES you can be a web womanizer and quickly find good matches to what you want through an online dating service if you can clearly define what you are looking for in a woman. For example, if you happen to get approached a lot online by the kind of gold digging women you don’t want, chances are… you enticed them to because your profile attracts THAT kind of women. 😀 Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.

Women online are so spoiled for choice that if your online profile cannot create that PERCEPTION that you are a potential mate, they move on and you remain DATELESS. Women will side step to the next profiles within 15 seconds if it fails to hold on to their attention .

I’m not going to talk about photos yet.

Since communication is over 90% non-verbal, what you write in your virtual online profile REALLY MATTERS. Women cannot see your alpha male body language online, listen to your seductive voice tone or judge your sensual charisma online. The only thing that they can judge you on is based on what you write in your online profile.

Photos also play a big part, but not crucial. I’m not going to talk about online dating photos.

A common mistake most men make is not going all out to make online dating work for them. This is a disturbing act of self-sabotage. Men just want to seem “normal”, desperate not to appear desperate

So get rid of that thinking and make an effort to make it work for you. Don’t get caught up in your own head.

Another mistake you want to avoid is writing a profile listing your qualities. That is SUICIDAL. You want your profile to tell a story about you, and implant your personal qualities in your story.

But the biggest mistake men make in their online dating profiles is making it as general as possible so that not one prospect can escape from their grasp. It’s a dateless lifestyle prophecy.

For example, you may only want to date blonds. But you think “What if a HOT Asian wants me, but read my profile and ignores me because I mentioned that I am only interested in blonds?”. In this instance most men will chicken out and refuse to state that in their profiles that they prefer blonds. The KEY to finding qualified women is to filter out the rest from the start.

So be frank and state what you want in a subtle way.

So here we go.

To stand out from the whole network of men desperate to get laid, your headline has to convey anything but that. That means NO meaningless headlines without an edge.

These are some headlines that I have just pulled off a dating site.

“Looking For Someone Special”

“Seeking The Right Gal”

“Thanks For Viewing My Profile :)”

These are the kind of competition you face. See any of the mistakes I’ve mentioned earlier? These guys will be lucky if they managed to attract the attention a woman working at a construction site.

Women have choices of men. Especially so for hot women. And their choices of men explode 10 times in quantity with online dating.

Remember that the objective of your headline is to arouse enough interest and intrigue to entice women to actually check out your profile. Your online dating profile is where you will nail them. 🙂

Tip toe on the line that borders social acceptance and edgy. Give them something to qualify themselves. It communicates that you have standards and you’ve had your share of admirers. Here are just some suggestions of what I’m talking about.

1)      Former Bad Boy Seeking Bad Enough Girl

2)      Warning. No Entry For Crazy Women

3)      Only Emotionally Stable Women Please

On to the profile.

Break it into 3 parts. Don’t worry about writing a profile that is too long. Women will want to read to the end if it is frank, honest and interesting enough.

Part 1

Start off with a line that challenges the reader. Something like “Do you have something special that goes with your looks?” is good. If your headline is what hooked the women, this challenging line reels them in. 😀

Write a brief overview of how you are doing in this 3 areas. Health, relationships and money. There has been research conducted that shows that every issue that someone has will fall into one of these categories. That means that it is fair that these 3 aspects of your life gives a good overview of yourself. Short and sweet.

Example of what to include in your online dating profile.

“I have my health. I go to the gym on my free time and play an hour of tennis every week. I love my family and friends. I enjoy their support as much as giving mine.”

Please expand your description yourself. I’m not your daddy.

End with something that implies that you have a social life.

Something like “At a ballroom event last week, a friend talked about how he met women with great personality on a dating site. So I decided to give this a try.”

Part 2

Talk about your personality. Again, be short and sweet. Also mention about a passion.

If you have a whole list of qualities you want to list, do it. It is fine to be contradicting too. When women reads a line that HITS them, everything else you wrote will be erased in their mind. If you have mentioned 9 personality traits that women don’t like… she will still want to know more about you if there is that ONE line that she feels connected to.

Example of what to include.

“I like conversations. So if you can hold up a decent conversation, we can hang out for just coffee some time. I have a passion to continually improve myself. I’m fun, adventurous, sporty and optimistic. If you like those in a man, I could be what you have been searching for in the last 20 years. :P”

Part 3

Share some deeper stuff about how you see things and how you think that woman you are searching for fits in. Imply that you are actively dating and not just a loser wanking every night to internet porn. DISQUALIFY up front the kind of women you don’t want. And don’t be shallow in your language.

Finally, describe what kind of women you are looking for. It’s your own search criteria. Being specific filters out the girls from the women. Then, call for action.

Example of what to include.

“I’ve had my ups and downs. And I love the high I get when there is someone that makes me look forward to climbing out of bed every morning. My recent dates were fun. But although the women were attractive, I find them somewhat shallow. If you resemble the kind of women I have just mentioned, stay away. I like fun, spontaneous women with great personality. If you fit the bill, hurry up and send me an email.”


There are some things that you should never communicate in your profile. DO NOT communicate that you live a nerdy lifestyle, have been cheated by women, have a boring job, or looking for a SERIOUS GIRLFRIEND.

Major Online dating advice : There is always a danger of living off the virtual world when we get too attached and dependent to it. DO NOT fall for this trap. And always find more reasons to come back to the physical world. After all, online dating is just a platform to bring that woman you want into your physical world.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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