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7 Quick Tips To Boost Your Inner Game

By on November 26, 2010
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There are a lot of techniques out there developed by dating innovators that can help you on success with women. There is probably a response technique or cheesy line that has been recorded somewhere that can generate attraction for anything that a woman may say to you.

When you develop your inner game, you can arouse attraction from women without even knowing it. What you do becomes more natural without a hint of using any memorized lines or sneaky techniques. Women who are sensitive can sense your phony responses and call you out on it.

The following are ways for you to develop your inner game. If you consciously practice them, you may just find yourself attracting women from all around you… even at a run down flea market… And you will not know why. Don’t be surprised. Because it is not called inner game for nothing. Your flirting becomes natural and you will not notice something that is natural… just like your breathing.

1) Be Positive

Women love positive people. A number of women succumb to the demands of life while they complain and blame something else for their own lowly predicaments. If you think that you should attempt to build some lame rapport by mirroring a woman’s depression, you are only going to get her to pity you. You don’t want her to be your charity, you want to spank her like a naughty girl.

This can seem like common sense to you… but take notice of yourself. I’ve seen guys being all manly and fun while being with teh guys but becomes a weeping pussy while being around a girl that he want to bring home.

The thing is… life is never easy. Everybody have their problems. You can chose to blame everything around you for your problems or move on and make good of what you have. To women, having a positive guy is like having a banana during a tennis game.

Be wary of women who insistently tries to pull you into her depression. Instead of pulling her out of her hole, she intends to drag you in. You are better off without these women no matter how attractive she looks.

Believe in yourself and you will radiate confidence. Think of people around you having no agenda. Nobody is trying to screw you (except the hot blond of course).

2) The Outcome Doesn’t Matter

A common tragedy that often occurs during dating is when guys become outcome driven. You go out with the sole intention of having her in your bed at 2am. You do everything to make sure she likes you enough to go home with you.

This screws up guys big time. A funny thing happens when you forget about the outcome. Because when you don’t have an agenda, women somehow can sense it. And they become more comfortable and affectionate towards you.

Don’t always arrange meet ups near your place so that when things get hot, you can get her home in 2 minutes before her testosterone calms down. It doesn’t matter where you are. When a woman wants you, she will go home with you even if you live all the way across town.

Forgetting about outcomes is a big one. Just go out and have fun.

3) Having Fun

A very good way to forget about outcomes is to just have fun. Being fun is a very attractive trait that women notice. They don’t go to clubs and bars to find boredom. They are looking for fun. When you genuinely just want to have fun, you forget about rejections and slut responses. Chatting up women is just part of your fun.

Women eat this up like Ben’s & Jerry’s.

When you are purely having a good fun time, don’t be surprised when you find that woman you want is following you around like a CIA agent.

4) It’s Not Instantaneous

Unlike pickup lines or rehearsed routines where you can execute immediately, inner game takes time to develop. But behold… once you got it nailed down, you will probably have it for like. You will wonder how it took you so long to “wake up”

A strong inner game also attracts higher quality women. Imagine your dream woman… does she got it together and have strong inner game? I bet she does. So why would a women of such quality want a man who is unsure of himself and behaves like a wuss puppet?

Make a commitment to develop you inner game. It is a long term process. Not a shortcut on your desktop. The results will blow you out. 😛

5) Make Good On What You Have. Have Gratitude.

I meet a lot of people who are never satisfied with what they have. They are a major turn off. They just want to control every situation that they are “suppose” to have control over. While keep asking for more and more.

If something is out of your control, suck it up and move on. Don’t waste your time fussing over what could be or could have been. Be grateful for what you already have. There is always someone else that is worst off than you.

Focus on what you already have and forget about what should have been or what you “deserve”.

6) Be Spontaneous And Adventurous

Everyone has an idea of what the world is like. And there will always be experiences that make us realize otherwise. No one will ever truely know the world inside out. So go out and be spontaneous in being adventurous. You will learn about yourself and the things around you.

Spontaneity is so addictive that women can get wet just feeding from the energy and anticipation of what can happen next. When you give women a spontaneous and adventurous experience by riding on your wave, you hook them for at least a few more dates.

Go out and make quick decisions to try out new stuff.

7) There Is More To Life Than Just Women

Don’t be a procrastinating loser who spends the whole day at home thinking about that woman at work. You have better things to do. Thinking about how you are going to bang her by the back door will not add value to your life. Don’t build your life around having women in your life.

Life is not just about women. Women play an important part in a guy’s life, but they cannot be the reason we want to continue breathing.

I’ve met a number of men who build their lives around playing puppy to their one women. They look like pussies who get pushed around like an amateur high school soccer team. When you donate your sane life to a woman she will probably wonder why you don’t have a life and have no idea or persistence on what you want out of life.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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