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7 Radical Excuses Women Make To Put You Off Your Game

By on September 30, 2010
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Successful dating is a step by step process. To get to the end result that you desire, you have to move through the process.

In fact, this process is so wired into us, even when a woman despises you, you can get her to sleep with you when you play your cards right and move her through the stages of dating. This means that when you persists to carry her along the dating obstacles course, you can get her into bed.

Both men and women instinctively knows this… even though few would admit it because NOBODY wants to be verified as a “robot” that can be predicted… especially when it comes to dating and affairs of the heart. Some people can freak out when you can predict their behaviors. This is because they are terrified that they don’t know themselves as much as they think they do and come to realise that they MAY just be a “robot” with a user’s manual.

So how does women instinctively knowing that “going through the stages of courtship will lead to sex” affect you?

It affects you BIG TIME!

Since we can end up having sex with someone we despise just by going through the dating process, the only real defense against compromising your own self worth is to STOP the process in it’s tracks. This concept is the reason why women can end up sleeping with CHODES or completely ignores a charming man. Because women KNOW that they can be seduced into bed if they let the dating process proceed even though the man seducing her is a complete loser wearing a faggot shirt.

These are 7 excuses that women use to HALT your game. Remember to call them out on it when they do so.

1) “Call me that day and we’ll arrange for the date”

This is translated as “You are not worthy for me to slot you into my schedule. You are a loser and I think you have having an orgasm now just by being in my presence. I’ll just tell you I have to accompany my Grandma for shopping on that day. LOSER!”

2) “I’m single but not available”

This is the stupidest crap I can ever hear from any women. Women who says this usually hooks up with someone a week or 2 later.

What women are attempting to communicate here is that they have their life together, they don’t need men, they enjoy singlehood, and they are an independent woman who is a force to be reckon with.

But what they are really saying is “I didn’t keep myself single to end up with a CHODE like you! I’m single now and NOT available to you. Go find someone in your own league.”

3) “I’m really busy with work the whole week”

This is another ridiculous crap of an excuse.

There is no such thing as “too busy” when you are attracted to someone. You will ALWAYS find time for someone you feel attraction for. Period.

4) “I really need to get to know you better first”

Alright. Some times this statement can be taken at face value especially if that woman is only looking for a long term serious relationship.

But if you can tell that she is a player and is only looking for fun, you are most likely not her kind of fun at this moment. 😛

She is telling you that she cannot even THINK of IMAGINING having sex with you. Gross.

5) “I like this other guy”

Women will always have someone in their mind at any period. Saying this is like saying “I sleep everyday”.

This is a huge signal that you have not build enough attraction in her to think about you taking over the “other guy’s” spot in her mind.

If you take a step back just from this statement, it will show her that you truly don’t deserve to see her in her jet black panties.

6) “I really think that you are meant to be with your EX”

OMG… This hurts… She detest you so much that she advises you to go back to your ex who treated you like a slave in ancient Egypt.

7) “It’s not you… It’s me…”

Need I say more?

I’m pretty sure that you have heard variations of these excuses before. In fact, I think you may have even used some of them before.

Radical excuses like these are almost ALWAYS used because there is a lack of attraction. It’s not that women want to insult our intelligence by telling men blatant LIES. It’s just their way of putting down men with a little courtesy and to avoid ugly confrontations. And to also continuously enjoy your attention for her own self-validation, she give you false hope.

But remember this : She is putting you down because she KNOWS that she could possibly end up in bed with you if you plough her through the dating process.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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