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7 Ways To Present Body Language Like An Alpha Male

By on January 29, 2014
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Your first interaction with a woman is usually non-verbal. That is hardly a surprise when 73% of communication is non-verbal. How you carry yourself around tells a lot about you, especially to a woman. Alpha males do not necessarily display good body language. But if you do it anyway, the perception that you are an alpha becomes higher.

I remember a time when a girl on our first date told me I must be doing above average financially. And I must have had success for a very long time. come from a high society family. I held an emotionless expression. But on the inside, I was laughing myself silly because I knew how that thought came up in her mind. It was my body language.

Just go the the nearest mall at peak hour and observe the countless people that walk around with poor body language. If you really do this, you will immediately notice that almost everyone walks with a slump posture or just seem somewhat not at ease with themselves. Then it might pop into your head that you can easily stand out from the crowd if you work on displaying good body language.

Just like you have a natural gift in picking out hot girls from a crowd, women can pick out men with good body language.

You might want to write these down in your smart phone so that you can refer to them easily.

1) Slow movement. You are never in a rush for time. The speed of your walk should be slower than the average person. Even a fraction of a second slower is noticeable when it comes to our walk. Your movements should also be a little slower than normal.

2) Good posture. Slouching is your worst enemy. Very often, we don’t put enough thought into it. And when we do, we still fail to correct it consciously. Hold your head straight and stop looking at the floor. There is nothing there. Look ahead with piercing eyes. When you need to look at other stuff, turn your head instead of just moving your eyeballs. Unless you are sitting on a sofa where it would be stupid not to sink yourself in, always sit straight.

3) Strong eye contact. Make eye contact with your friends and the people you are talking to. Failing to maintain eye contact is a sure sign of submissiveness. When you see a hot girl, don’t be afraid to look her in the eyes and maintain eye contact. A real man will not have a problem doing that. When you do this often enough, you can tell the exact moment a woman is intrigued by your powerful eye contact.

4) Go to the gym. When you start developing your muscles, you might start to notice that your posture alters itself. The way you move might also change. If you don’t believe me, just go work out consistently for a month and notice the changes. You start making “muscular” movements without intending to. Women will be able to tell between a man who works out and one who bums around. If you want to know the sexiest part of the male body are the abs.

5) Big movements. When you have to move, do them completely. Don’t go about them as if you are living in a tiny box. You have all the space in the world. Make the most of it. If you need to reach for something on the dinner table, move your whole arm. Don’t lock your elbows to your chest. For some reason, alpha body language is very noticeable on a dinner table, especially at a social setting. Maybe it’s because of the contract between your alpha body language and the beta-ness of others.

6) Just relax. Don’t walk around with anxiety like a caged animal. Just relax. Take a seat and stop biting your nails. Don’t play with your food when you are restless and don’t play with your hair when you are bored. With the introduction of smart phones into our daily life, it has becomes a very useful gadget to pass time with. On the flip side, imagine how different you can look when you are only person around who is not playing with his phone.

7) When in doubt, don’t do anything. Don’t scratch your face, dig your ear, flip your hair, bite your lips, dig your teeth, adjust your cuffs, straighten your collar, stretch your legs, etc. These little things can seem harmless to you. But beneath these actions, people can tell that you are not fully comfortable with either yourself or your surroundings. If you are perfectly comfortable, you will not be doing these little things just to give your hands and legs something to do.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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