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5 Manly Qualities That Women Find Irresistibly Attractive

By on October 19, 2015
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I hope you have already gotten over the “logic” that women only want men who are handsome or rich. Because attraction is based on anything but logic.

If you still refuse to accept that, you might need deeper help than what you can find online. Maybe make an appointment with a shrink?

As explained in Trevis Tee’s breakthrough publication Top Form Alpha Man, there are 2 levels of attraction.

The first is an emotional level. And the other being an instinctive level.

The many flirting techniques we indulge ourselves in are supposed to raise the level of emotional attraction. And the instinctive level of attraction is harnessed at an inner game level.

Trevis have deep ideas on what creates instinctive attraction.

But in my point of view, for someone who is just out to have fun, and just wants to be attractive to women without having to be perceived as the alpha among alphas, only 5 basic personal traits are required.

Quality #1 – Confidence

Most women are insecure about their appearance. This includes the beauties too.

It could be their height, their skin, their hair, cheekbones, ears, whatever. You wouldn’t believe the things that they constantly feel insecure about until you get into a relationship. This already takes up a lot of their mental space.

How are they going to have time to nurse the self-esteem of a man?

Be comfortable in your own skin.

Don’t let women, especially those you dating, carry the burden of your low self-esteem or a bruised ego. They have better things to do with their time and to play role of mummy with you.

Trust me.

Quality #2 – Dominance

Many women feel lost in this chaotic world. And they would like nothing more than a man who is sure of himself and what he does.

And the last thing they want is to have a boyfriend who cannot even decide what to have for dinner.

This is where dominance comes in.

Some people call this assertiveness. I prefer to refer to it as dominance.

A lot of times, the arrogance of bad boys get confused with dominance. This is a big reason why bad boys often have women around them. But those are 2 different things.

Dominance is not about throwing your girl on your shoulder and carry her into the bedroom.

It’s about being sure of what you want and what you want to do. When you have total conviction that what you want is the right way forward, women will usually surrender to your dominance.

They want to be a passenger when being with a guy. Don’t make them the driver.

An easy way to project dominance is to just decide, and never apologize for the decisions you make.

Don’t ask, just do.

The key element here is your own conviction of your decisions and actions.

Quality #3 – Intrigue

In the modern world where almost any information can be fetched with little effort, it really messes your mind when you are not able to figure something out.

If you are as readable as an open book, women will lose interest as soon as they figure out whatever there is about you. But they will feel intrigued by you when you are just a little mysterious.

You can easily create intrigue by leaving conversations open without closure. Or you could display things that that obviously have a story behind it and refuse to share the whole story.

For example, you might have an obvious scar and just brush it off as a reminder of your “hard hitting” days when asked about it. These types of mysteries create emotional turmoil in a woman. She has entered into the realms of an interesting story, but you leave her with no closure.

It’s like allowing your Chihuahua to observe you opening a can of delicious dog food. Then refuse to feed it to her. Your dog would go crazy. And it knows that only you have to power to close that loop you have left open.

Please remember that the important part here is the concept. Not the technique or story. When you understand the concept, you can apply it on anything. Sometimes even without having a conversation.

Quality #4 – Not boring

To avoid being classified as a boring guy, you just need to either be fun or humorous.

If you have both, good. Just make a mental note that if you have on both qualities, be careful of being perceived as a clown due to overdose.

You don’t want to be a clown or a comedian. That is not an attractive trait to carry around. You want to be a guy with a sense of humor, or a fun guy.

From experience, women usually perceive a guy with a sense of humor as fun too. But a fun guy does not necessarily mean he is humorous.

Quality #5 – Social

You don’t necessarily need to be the leader of your pack. But you do need to belong to at least one. The more the merrier.

Human beings are social. A lack of a social group can paint you as being a weak guy.

A woman might feel insecure if she has a bigger and more powerful social circle around her than you do yours. This can sound a little crazy. I know. But it is what it is.

So when you go on dates, when the opportunity arises, do let her see for herself that you have friends. And preferably, they are of higher social status than hers.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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