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Attracting Women – Instinctive And Emotional Attraction

By on February 14, 2013
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It is no longer a secret that men and women think very differently. We might have more or less the same hardware (body and brains), but it is the different softwares and operating systems (thinking process) that make both genders so different.

You might have got a sense of this since the age of 12 when the cute girl in class ignored you for that fatty sitting in the corner who you despise. And ever since those dark days in school, even the closest friends around you has verified your suspicions. Well I hope this makes your day as I am here to finally validate how you think about the world of dating.

Yes, the way men and women think varies greatly. And this great different flows over to how attraction works as well. While men can take a peek of the cover of a men’s magazine and immediately identify that the hot chick in lingerie is undoubtedly their soul mate, women very seldom get attracted to men solely based on just appearance. This line of thinking can possibly blow your mind. But the faster you acknowledge and accept this, the sooner you get to understanding how to attract them.

A male model who graces the covers of magazine may find it much easier meeting women, but if he is not good in flirting and generating attraction, the only thing that will gets close to his pants are his hands. Indications that implicate an alpha male is something that women get attracted to. And whether they know it or not, they look out for these indicators when meeting men. In many cases, it is even an unconscious behavior, just like how our eye look at specific directions when telling the truth or lying.

The way you behave when you are alone or with others, the things you say to women or your friends and how you carry yourself consciously or unconsciously can create an image that can be perceived as an alpha male. But if you really want to be a real man that women just cannot get enough of, you have to start opening your mind and allow yourself to internalize belies that are empowering. Without strong beliefs, you lack congruence and the best you can hope for is a couple of lays. High quality women will eventually wise up and walk away from men who are weak.

For men, looks can comprise a 90% component how attractive she is. For women, it might only be a 20% component for appearance. If you are astounded, that’s good. You are starting to realize why you have not been getting laid due to years of inaction while you were only thinking about you appearance.

When I finally discovered and comprehended this for the very first time, I realized that I have been living a lie for a couple decades. The even more painful part was that I told myself that great lie.

What Is Instinctive And Emotional Attraction?

There are 2 levels of attraction that you should be aware of. When a hot girl catches your attention in a crowd immediately causing you to wonder about intimacy with her, that attraction is instinctive.

Her hot looks, chest, hip, the sexy way she carries herself, all triggers an uncontrollable reaction inside you that makes you want her. This is instinctive. It’s real and self-explanatory.

The other side of the coin is emotional attraction, let’s use an example.

Have you ever had a friend that you just want to chat with over and over again all the time? She might not look attractive to you or she might even be overweight. But no matter, you feel that you just want to have her company. You have a lot of fun when hanging out with her and she makes you feel like someone who is treasured.

You cannot see yourself sleeping with her but you are afraid that that might just happen if you continue let the relationship continue to develop. Soon, you become afraid that you might just give in to your feelings and attempt to hook up with her. I want to tell you that you are fine. You were feeling an emotional attraction for her.

Just hear me out for a minute.

Emotion is a gift from nature. It gives us the gift of happiness among others. And emotions are able to take over our minds and cause us to do things that we don’t usually cannot imagine doing. Did you notice that “to take over our minds and cause us to do things that we don’t usually cannot imagine doing” is a description of “instincts” as well?

Attraction is not a choice when either of the two levels are triggered. The key difference between them is interaction. Instinctive attraction can happen when you don’t even want it, and emotional attraction grows with interaction.

We are instinctively attracted to someone whose appearance we find attractive. While the more we interact with someone, the more emotional attraction we feel for her. This is the same with women. But women can have a higher tendency to surrender to emotional attraction compared to men.

In most situations, instinctive attraction is passive and emotional attraction is active.

Merging the two levels is what will make you an irresistible man.

When you attract a woman instinctively but not emotionally, you will probable become a suitor who does not “get it”.
When you attract a woman emotionally but not instinctively, you will likely end up in the friend zone.
When you attract a woman emotionally and instinctively, you are the man.

Balance it out and think for yourself your objectives in relationships.

The ideas of what and how to raise women’s instinctive and emotional attraction for you are littered all over this website.

Find them, then test and find out for yourself what works best for you.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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