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7 Attractive Traits Of The Lone Wolf Personality

By on April 20, 2016
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Since having a huge social circle is often one of the factors that is associated with an attractive man, someone with a lone wolf personality is often seen as a person who will find it tough to get dates.

But on the contrary, some of the most attractive men I personally know, the ones who are always dating hot women one after another, are people that can be categorized as loners.

This can be odd to most men. Especially to those who take action to be more social just to seem more attractive to women.

But if you are one of those who find it odd, it means that you don’t yet realize the powerful attractive signals that loners can display.

I will try to put it right.

Firstly, let’s not confuse being a lone wolf with being anti-social. They are 2 very different things.

A guy who loves being solitary doesn’t mean that he hates being social. This 2 states are not polar opposites whereby they cannot co-exist.

For example, just because you prefer to do your work outside the presence of your team does not mean that you don’t enjoy partying with them at the club. Get it?

Circumstances can play a role in which personality hat you prefer to wear.

And just because you prefer to do things alone does not equate to you being reclusive, anti-social, introverted, or being a hermit.

It’s just that very often, friends and colleagues like to put this “lone wolf” or “lone ranger” label on others as soon as someone starts to display characteristics linked to it. And they usually do it just so to have something to gossip about… to to remove awkward silences within the group.

However, if you consistently display obvious signs of lone wolf behavior, maybe you have a deeper problem.

Anyway, for all it’s worth, if loners are not attractive to women, you wouldn’t see so many of them getting hooked up with hot women all over the place.


So here are the attractive traits of the lone wolf personality. Do note that being a loner can display these traits. But whether or not a guy genuinely do have them is another matter altogether.

1) Mysterious

Mystery is a weirdly attractive trait that both men and women find attractive. I can’t put a finger on why it is.

It is probably because of the endless possibilities you can think of a person because you can’t read them like a book. If you already know what a person is all about and can read him like an open book, there is no room to imagine any more possibilities.

Whereas, if you already know maybe 30% of what a person is about but unable to tell what the remaining 70% makes up, it leaves a lot of space for your imagination to run wild.

And as you might already know… women loves to let their creative thinking run wild…

Even if a man is indeed a sore loser, there is no way you can assume that with certainty when he hides his remaining 70% of who he really is.

2) Independent

Independence is a very powerful attraction spike.

Women need men to take care of them. And how can they trust someone to do that if he can’t even take care of himself?

A lone wolf definitely displays this trait. You wouldn’t be running off on your own unless you are able to take care of yourself.

And doing this takes a lot of…

3) Confidence

A lot of women list confidence as the most attractive factor about a man.

Even if you have a 6-pack as hard as stone, or bulging biceps as big as your mother’s head, you won’t rate highly on the masculinity scale if you don’t carry yourself around with confidence.

In fact, if you don’t already know, many people see men who spend more time at the gym than they spend sleeping, as people who are so low on self-esteem, that they workout so much just to hide that that part of them.

In order for a guy to go off on his own, he must be confident of himself.

Perception is reality.

4) Doesn’t seek approval

We all know that approval-seeking behavior is unattractive to women. It is the method to show that you are not approval-seeking that is the problem for most men.

Well, here is a good way to do just that.

Just for not following the group, you are already “saying” that you do not bow to social pressure as you have a mind of your own. You have you own opinion and you are not afraid to stand up for it.

More than that, you don’t need people to like you to feel good about yourself.

That’s some powerful mental game right there.

5) Vulnerable

This might go against everything you know about seduction and attraction. It even goes against some of the points I’m making in this thread.

I don’t know why it works. But it does.

By showing a vulnerable side to you, a woman can INSTANTLY be attracted to you. I’m not kidding.

If you remember some of the scenes in romantic movies or even any movie that has a story line, there will always be a scene when the main actor or actress gets into a vulnerable state. That’s when the other party realizes his or her feelings.

I think it has something to do with revealing who you are at the very core when you display your vulnerabilities.

People often perceive loners as those with weaknesses.

And often, curious women get to know them better just to be friendly. But unknowingly, they get to experience the vulnerable sides of loners and…


They get stuck in an attraction whirlwind that will not dissipate. It’s over.

6) The exception

If the social group consist of a bunch of losers, you will obviously avoid getting perceived as such if you distance yourself from it.

Imagine if all the social group does is play board games meant for retirees or feels adrenaline rushes from solving crossword puzzles at night…

I know. There’s nothing wrong with that… but a girl might find that boring.

So by removing yourself from the group, you are showing that you have more exciting things to do. And excitement is often what a girl bored with jigsaw puzzles like.

You might even be perceived as the elusive bad boy!

Again… whether you truly have something real under the hood is another matter. This is all perception. Which is enough to arouse attraction.

7) Chemistry

You must be thinking what does chemistry have to do with this.

Well, a girl can find that the 2 of you have something in common if she is a lone wolf too… make that a lone chick 😀

There are many quality women around who have a mind of their own. And they cannot get along with the social circles too. Often preferring to minding their own business.

In fact, from meeting a lot of women, I’d say that women have a higher tendency to be loners than men. This is because women often cannot get over disagreements the way men can.

And being a loner can create some kind of odd chemistry with such women.

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