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Ignite Passion By Building Natural Tension

By on September 2, 2010
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These days, everywhere you go, you will find that hot women are a common sight. They walk around in tight dresses carrying a bouncy hairstyle on their heads.

The more aloof and indifferent they appear… the more you want to thaw that ice shield she had put up. You know the feeling you get when the more someone is indifferent towards you… the more you want to win them over? This is one of the timeless principles of well-oiled seducers. The more something seems unattainable, the greater the desire to possess them. Priceless. This principle alone can build tension so enormous that even the cold war will have to take a back seat.

Funny that almost all relationships will have gone through some kind of tension harnessing and release. It doesn’t matter whether you are aware of it. Being unattainable creates tension. And enormous tension begs for release like a junkie craving for a fix.

An easy way to create tension is to be too busy to date.

For example, if a woman you want ask you out for dinner later in the day, sometimes it is better to tell her that you cannot make it for dinner because you have something else to do. Go one step further by saying that you would really like to have a cozy dinner with her, but it’s just too bad that she gave you so little notice.

Something as simple as “You know… I would really like to accompany you to the mall to find a suitable present for your cousin… But I’m really packed for the next 3 days… Tough luck 😛 Have fun though.” is good enough to implant a tension spot like a grain of sand in an oyster. It will grow by itself.

Does this work? Recently, a girl I went on a 2 hours date with told me that she was falling in love with me ONE MONTH after that initial first date. Now, in that 1 month I was truly busy and couldn’t find time to meet her. I don’t do phone calls. Just exchanged a few short text messages with her. And she became crazy over me. So yes. Playing hard to get with a little slickness does work.

The key thing is to communicate to her that you really want to see her. But factors slightly out of your control are preventing the 2 of you from seeing each other. If you simply turn her away without giving her the impression that she has a good chance with you, you can lose her completely. She will just think that you are not interested and move on. And that can happen just like how games can change in the NBA.

This works even better if the woman is HOT. Because you could possibly be the first man in her adult life to NOT treat her like a goddess just because of how she looks.

Coupled with knowing that the both of you want to see each other… that’s a scary combination. It can be your own Romeo & Juliet love story to share with your friends. And trust me. Women want to tell their own romantic love stories to their friends.

The need to release tension keeps passionate lovers in business.

Since romance require tension to explode, knowing how to create tension effectively hands you the marker for a whiteboard.

I have already explained 1 way to create tension.

Playing busy does a load of things. She will first think that you must have a very active social life which makes her feel safe that you are not a socially inept weirdo. She will want to find out what’s so special about you to have such an active social life. She even wonders if you are dating someone else… and she wonders if that someone else is more beautiful then her.

Turning her away communicates that you are not a needy insecure wuss, so she will not have to attend to a clingy parasite IF she was to get “attached” to you. You appear as a man who is going about your own life who will not be pulled off-track by women and it sets the foundations for her to play the “supporting” woman behind a successful man – a very inner desire of women.

These reasons are more than enough to want to build tension when dating someone you want.

Remember this simple concept. Communicate that you want her BUT she will have to WAIT because you are busy with your life.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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