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Why Women Test Men With Sexual Power

By on May 23, 2013
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At some point in life as a woman grows up and starts developing physically, they begin to gain attention from more and more men. Men start to
treat them like goddesses with the small hope that that alone will be enough to attract them. This sexual power that women have over men is accepted as a way of life in almost all societies in the world. Women can go about playing with the feelings of men however they like and get away with it without having to feel even a little guilt. Some even use this power to get material gifts and then move on to other men.

When women who go about life this way do not get the treatment from them that they are used to, they throw tantrums and complain to everyone as if the world owes them a living. They are like the royalties that they perceive themselves in their own minds.

Deep in the minds of the female gender, they know to a huge extent that they are being unreasonable when they use their sexual power to take advantage of men and move up in the corporate ladder. The disturbing thing is that many of them no issues with it as long as they get what they want. Designer handbags, free rides in sports cars, dining in fancy restaurants, vacations in the Maldives, you name it.

But underneath all this, women no matter how strong-willed or happy-go-lucky they appear to be, all they really want is a man who recognizes their behaviors as just survival instincts in the modern world. They want real men to remind them of that and put them in their place. A man who can identify what they are going through and would call them out on their reasons rather than just be part of the judgemental society.

They will get a primal attraction from having their acts called out by an alpha male who knows exactly what is going on and able to manage her with that in mind. The alpha male is after all the one that gets mating preference in the animal kingdom. So these sometimes ridiculous behaviors are used to test men to find out if the men are really alpha and worth their time and investment to learn more about through dating.

Your job then as a man is to look out for these tests and be ready to deflect them away like a veteran samurai. Do not get emotionally affected by these behaviors. A man cannot be moved by them. This has to be done from the start of your interactions because this is when where such actions are most powerful and communicates all the right things. It lays down your frame and instantly indicates that you are the prize that she is trying to win over instead of the other way around.

The irony is that most men screw up the moment a women summons her sexual power. Even alpha man. They apologize for being themselves as that is the only method they know of to quickly get out of tricky situations. Little that they know that doing so is just like digging a hole for himself to crawl into in the future.

So when you are able to hold your emotions with a high stability when women play the flirting game with you, women can be so taken aback that they feel an intense attraction for you as a man. In many instances, they could be so astounded by the attraction they are feeling that they would be willing to kiss you immediately. When you do this often enough, you will be able to tell when this is happening.

If you are not sure how women are testing you, below are some examples
when they say :

“I just love that Gucci bag, I expect you to buy it for me for my birthday”
“If we were to hang out, you have to buy dinner and give me a ride home”
“Are you staring at my cleavage?”
“I feel like mango pudding. Will you be nice and bring it to my place?”
“You are such a loser”
“I cannot believe you just did that. You are not a gentleman”
“I will not date someone like you”
“You are full of shit”

You may have heard some of the lines I’ve just mentioned as examples of
women’s tests. But this may be the first time you have come across this concept
of women’s tests. You may think that this is crazy. Just look out for them. I’m
absolutely sure that you will encounter them. You have just become conscious of
this idea of women’s test, and you will slowly begin to see the matrix of sexual

When you have clocked up more hours of experience in interacting with
women, you will be able to tell when the tests are real and when they are not.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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