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Alpha Men And Naturals – What’s The Difference?

By on December 10, 2013
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Oh yes… the rare type of men that this website is based on. This article identifies 2 groups of quality men. Alpha men and naturals. Naturals are also referred to as “alpha men” interchangeably in this article. Here we go.

The essence to being in top top alpha condition in your inner game. The mind game that goes through your mind every hours of each day. The complex mentality of naturals and alpha men are towards a similar direction on most (if not all) of their inner mental game. But the degree in which they tilt towards can vary quite significantly.

Because naturals are usually alpha, they can be totally unaware of how attraction concepts can be detailed the way that we are doing here. And because of this lack of awareness, they seldom feel responsible for taking control of them. They may not even know that these are things that they can be aware of.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone then if I suggest that there is a clear difference between alpha men and naturals. And the distinction is about the awareness on their responsibilities.

Alpha men have a pretty high level of awareness, they take responsibility for the wellness of themselves and people around them as they go about their lives.

Let’s bring more clarity into this.

There are naturals who don’t quite like their roles in the social circle and wants to only think for themselves. And who can blame them. This might be due to their unawareness or an unwillingness to put their natural qualities to good use. It’s sort of like a woman with a sexy body who is not willing to exploit her sensual gift and prefers to work as an admin staff in a simple organization.

While some naturals may blend into the any crowd as just another person, alpha men will instantly be perceived as alpha men among other men.

Let’s go with an example. Let’s say there are 2 men. One drives a super car and the other man don’t have a car. If we are to judge them on their annual income individually, obviously anyone would think the one driving the super car is the higher income earner. This is even if both of them make the same amount of money.

The idea I’m trying to get across is the concept of an awareness to being alpha.

Most people have the assumption that leaders are alpha men. That is incorrect. Alpha men are leaders. But leaders we are accustomed to are not necessarily alphas.

For example, your boss or direct supervisor at work is your leader. Is your boss an alpha to you? In my work life of  working for others, I had only really came across one boss who I acknowledge as an alpha. Even he, rarely displays top qualities. And when he did, he may not even be conscious of it.

Naturals are socially savvy, secure, confident, passionate and does not give a damn what the people around them think of them. People see them as alphas, but they may not necessarily see themselves as being so. Some are very humble people who shun the limelight.

Alpha men are aware that they are looked upon as leaders. They understand the impact they play on people who are around them. Thus, they consciously control their qualities to an extent that are just right instead of being dominated by, or getting emotionally involved with, their own powerful qualities. They take responsibility on the control of their qualities to make positive impacts on those around them.

Have you ever sat in a social or formal meeting between five alpha business leaders? Who did you think was the most influential person there? The person who was leading and controlling the communications throughout the meeting. That is the real undisputed Alpha. Not the one who talks the most.

Alpha men often choose to reveal themselves and step up to the plate only when they find that the situation requires them to. Not when they are expected to. They cannot let something disintegrate any further. And they usually do that in a subtle manner. They don’t usually reveal themselves. They let others shine in their glory, not stealing their credit.

Don’t’ get the wrong idea. They can carry themselves very well, just like any alpha man (if not better). But often reveal their status behavior only when circumstances see fit. And because of their high awareness to what is going on around them, they do this at a conscious level.

A month ago, while I was at a social gathering, an unfamiliar guy that a friend brought along was chatting up a cute girl who was pretty new in the group. She was desperately trying to get rid of the guy. The guy was telling cold jokes and I said with a smile “Wow you are so funny, you could be a comedian if you quit your current job”. The manner in which I said it was flawless with a subtle intent. I engaged into alpha gear!

I framed him as a clown, and got the chick laughing. The guy gracefully disengaged from the interaction and observed me. I could have tried blowing him out with malice, and I chose not to.

After chatting with the girl for a while and busting her balls while helping me decide my Christmas gifts, we reached the point where she wanted to move forward but didn’t know what to do and I brushed her off playfully. I was playing with my system. When I left the gathering early for another appointment, I saw her longing eyes looking at me like a cute puppy.

Switching into beast mode, I engaged her with body language, articulation, banter and all that. I engaged into gear by cutting the guy off. And eventually, I saved the chick from a disturbingly awkward conversation. I became her superhero.

People hang around naturals voluntarily to be sucked into their reality. They want the alpha aura to rub off on them. Because alpha men controls social interactions and bring people together, many times a group will only really have fun when the alpha men are around. Naturals make followers feel good about themselves. They trigger positive group dynamics.

While the natural may stash aside his group to spend personal time with his girl, alpha men bring their girls along with the group. This is because they understand that the group needs them.

Have you ever noticed that when an alpha man flakes an appointment with friends, “meeting a girl” is always a reason that other men see as acceptable? This is because unconsciously, others see mating as a god given right of the alpha man. In fact, sometimes you just don’t feel like going out but you are too embarrassed to tell your group and used this excuse as well. Top alphas do not use excuses like these.

There are theories out there that talked about how a real man do not get emotionally attached to women. I’m sure that they have their reasons and observed things that proves that.

But from what I have observed of alpha men, they do pretty much get emotionally attached to the one woman that they are with. Yes, internally they feel that the woman is lucky to be with him and that he can get another high quality woman. But when he has chosen a partner, he will be emotionally involved with her.

On dating, alpha men are not possessive, not approval seeking and don’t get jealous over women. Alpha men may instantly transform into a world class sissy when it comes to dating.

To put it simply, naturals can be unintentionally flying under the radar, or on everyone’s radar. Being aware intentionally puts the alpha man on everyone’s radar.

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