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What Do Women Want At An Instinctive Level?

By on March 6, 2013
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If you are the typical nice kind of guy who has had you fair share of brutal rejections from women, you might start to think that women do so like an addictive hobby. They use their sexual power men to get free meals in fine restaurants presents from premium retailers. The worst part is that they boast about flattening your ego with their friends just to boast about it. All these actions are the result of their own failings at their own past relationships.

If you really think in the lines of that, you are over generalizing women. Sure there are bad people out there, but the majority are not evil to that extreme. If you find yourself often being mistreated by women, the most probable cause is that you encouraged them to. And if you have a very bad impression of how women are in general due to your generalization, you are just laying the bricks to a life of loneliness yourself.

You need to change the way you think about women. They are not wolves in sheeps’ skin.

Women act on how they feel and talk about how they think.

A typical example is when a girl talks about the great qualities that she wants in a boyfriend, but ends up with a guy who does not meet anny of those qualities. I’m sure you have seen this examples in real life.

So if we put this into perspective, it means that to attract women you have to engage their feelings instead of their logic. Sounds fair?

When you are trying to attract someone, don’t take what she say at face value. Even if she tells you she is not interested in you. What you should do is get her to act on certain things that bring positive feelings. For example, as simple as bringing you a drink. When you get her to take action, her mind will start to justify that she must be attracted to you for her to do these nice things for you.

Men are no longer a necessity for women.

They can buy their own meals, protect themselves by carrying pepper sprays, and easily find a place to stay with a few handy phone calls.

So how they choose a man to be with is determined by an inner need that most will not admit to.

What is it that will trigger an instinctive attraction that they have absolutely no control over?

Guilt-free intimacy with a real man! I make this judgement based on my own experiences.

You might then think that if what women want is intimacy, any man with a who has a thick mustache can get lucky on any day. The difference is this. Only someone perceived as a real man by that particular women will get lucky. This is because intimacy with a real man is the one thing that fulfills her as a woman at a primal level.

Intimacy with a man considered as beta can actually make her feel guilty about herself! That’s why beta men a.k.a nice guys don’t get laid.

Yes. The emotional states leading to intimacy can also arouse a pleasurable feeling in women. But those emotional states are just the appetizers before the main course.

I was previously in a sexual relationship with a highly independent woman for some time. She was a divorcee and very self-conscious of how people might perceive her as someone who sleeps around. Even though she pretty much hid our relationship from everyone, we were banging it constantly like a daily alarm clock that goes off. She did date other men while we were still involved. But none of the men she dated was worthy enough to leave me for. In other words, none of them could arouse her like I did.

Even women who are in relationship think about doing it with men who are perceived as more alpha. It’s just that they seldom feel safe enough to act on their inner most thoughts.

Your job then is to be perceived as alpha and make women feel comfortable enough to act on their thoughts.

If you are able to communicate to women that you are an alpha who can arouse her primal attraction instincts, very often she will seduce you instead of the other way around.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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