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Women And Sex – Innocent Little Lambs Or Predatory Wolves

By on March 1, 2013
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When we look at physical intimacy, women are usually portrayed as victims while men are the predators that just cannot stop preying. Society and conditioning Have caused this context. It is not the fault of anyone in particular.

Women always interact with men they are not attracted to as if they are chatting with  someone who is preying on them. They will then get into the role of innocent teenagers and men are always framed as the predators on constantly on the prowl for the next easy meal. So you might imagine if women are ever sexual at all.

Time to bring you some good news. It is something that might have been going through your mind for a while, but your friends are too embarrassed to tell it as it is. Yes. There is a sexual side to women and they enjoy sex much more than men.

Mass media often portrays a negative vibe towards women who are open with their sexuality. This is a big factor that is stopping women from admitting to their desires. So if you have decided to go all out to quickly seduce an attractive girl you fancy, the idea you must remember is to make her receptive to your advances while not triggering her instinct to avoid looking like a slut. I know it doesn’t sound easy.

In the animal kingdom, alpha males mate with the females in season while the females would only have eyes for the alpha male. Thus, somehow there is a stereotype floating around of civilization that men tend to sleep around, while women are devoted and only keep one partner. If we are to turn this around and look at it from another angle, it also means that women will crave for men who are already with other women. As other women should have also conducted their alpha screening, men who already have partners are probably alpha.

This primal sides of women are found in behind their facade. The women that we meet are the personas that are projected by them. But the core of who and what they really are are hidden behind these facades. And this core I’m talking about is very primal in nature…

People put up varying facades when they are in the presence of different groups of people. You are not going to behave the same way with your boss, family, and friends right? But understand this. The core of who we are will always be the same no matter what types of facade we choose to embrace.

You task as a man who is trying to hook up with a woman is to communicate with her core. This is where you will find success. When you somehow awaken the primal side of women whether purposely or not, you could be look at a number of active nights of passion! You will be deprived of sleep. So you are unable to to handle a woman who is crazy over you, think about whether you want to go ahead and seduce her.

Start believing that women have a sensual side as well and they crave it at least as men, if not more.

Your beliefs system will subtly and surely influence the way you carry yourself and communicate around women. It is a key factor in becoming an attractive man.

Nothing is wrong with your sexual desires. Accept this reality. Why should you suppress your own feelings or feel guilty about it. Embrace it instead of feeling ashamed by it. It is a natural instinct and there is no reason why you should deny that you have it. Doing so is just declaring to yourself that you are not a man.

But don’t forget that there has to be proper courtship before acting on your desires. If you force yourself onto women, you are going to get punished by the law. That is just stupid. We are no longer in the age of dinosaurs where we drag women into caves for mating.

Body contact with women is also something that should be natural to you. But please, stay away from private areas until you are sure that she is comfortable with you doing so.

When start practicing alpha male behavior, many times women see intimacy with you as a validation of them being women. You will know that you are on the right track when she says “Why didn’t you want sex today?”.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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