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Discovering Commonalities With Women And Milking Them

By on October 11, 2010
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It can be pretty difficult to get together with a woman who is worlds apart with you in terms of career, lifestyle, culture, etc.

I’ve found that most men who are clueless with women attempts to build rapport with women by faking it.

You know when women says “I just love the feeling of using watermelons and cucumbers on my eye bags”. And men says “ME TOO!”

That doesn’t really go down well with how manly you are perceived does it?

There are men who do not fake or attempt to fake commonalities. And I applaud them for sticking to their guns and preserve their individuality. But by not seeking commonalities to talk about, men are giving up windows of chances to build rapport and intimacy. The presence of these elements are crucial for a woman to feel a connection and chemistry with you.

To play the role of a puppy by saying “ME TOO!” all the time make you appear fake. Women can see through it from a mile away. When that happens you appear as not genuine and not authentic. And they will know that they have you by your balls.

You become someone she has already conquered.

You are no longer a challenge.

She does not feel ATTRACTION.

You can go on back to your DATELESS life.

So what do you do to uncovering commonalities by not appearing as a rapport-thirsty horny man?

If you are paying $500 for a dating advice workshop, this 1 nugget of a tip will be worth your $500.

I have to credit Trevis Tee for this technique.

Simply turn the tables on women and make them seek rapport with you. While most men let women yap away about their shopping trips, they are walking on a tight rope by NOT leading the interaction. When you let women dominate the conversation, what goes on in their minds is that you seem to have nothing in common to talk about. That equals NO CHEMISTRY.

What you can do instead is share REAL stories about your childhood memories. This is very powerfully effective stuff. When you talk about childhood memories, you appear as a man who has grown up. It shows that there is a sensitive side to you, you treasure the times when you had no responsibilities and the real world where all your responsibilities as an adult NOW does not exist. This makes her comfortable to share a world with you where only the 2 of you exist and everything else doesn’t matter.

Bring up stories and GO INTO DETAILS so that she can find commonalities with you and seek rapport with you. When you tell childhood stories, you BRING her back to her memories as well when she was a child. And when she inevitably finds something in common you both did in childhood to talk about, she will feel a deep connection with you.

So how do you bring up childhood stories?

Use references.

For example, let say you are sharing a banana split with her. You can just dive into it by saying

“You know… I remembered when I had my first banana split when I was 6… At that time everything taste great as long as there is enough sugar in it. I remembered that I had it at the old cinema down town… You know… the one where the building looked like it just barely survived a World War 2 bombardment…”

From this short opening except alone, there are so many things that she can ride on that she remembered in her childhood.

1) Her first banana split

2) How much she liked desserts when she was a kid

3) The old cinema she used to hang out with her friends

4) How she was having an adventure in discovering the world when she was 6

5) Etc

Remember. DETAILS are crucial so that she has more options of commonalities to share with you about. And the more details there are, the more likely that you will hit a spot that really hits a spot close to her feelings

Once a woman feels an emotional connection with you, it takes a lot to debunk everything. Women will in fact seek even more connection with you to satisfy their craving of finding more commonalities with to talk about to build rapport and intimacy. It becomes her fix whenever she is having a boring conversation with another random guy.

One day, she will wonder how she feels so connected to you and can only explain it with “chemistry”.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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