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Simple Technique To Create Basic Chemistry With Women

By on September 11, 2010
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If I get a tic-tac every time I hear a man complain about having no chemistry with women, I would be running my own candy store by now. How to talk with women is a very common problem faced by men.

You know that feeling you get when after going out on a few dates with the woman you want… and after professing your love for her… she tells you that she cannot see her future with you because there is no “chemistry”?

Before you frantically attempt to convince and justify to her that you need time to “build” that chemistry with her… read on.

Chemistry reactions do not equal to attraction. Attraction can occur even before talking to a woman, but chemistry has to be created during INTERACTION. You can get most women to sleep with you just by generating immense attraction. But to get a quality woman who has really got her life together, chemistry is your next best friend.

Let’s first identify what I mean by “got her life together”. I mean women who are mentally mature, physically top form, intellectually sound, spiritually contented, emotionally in control, positive outlook on life, and being the best she can be at work. Does this sound like a women you would want to get into a relationship with? At least it does to me.

The thing is women of this quality get hit on by men and women just from queuing for a coffee at Starbucks. They get the pick of the lot just about everywhere they go. And they love to feel attraction for men. But from a big basket of attractive bananas she can choose from, how she decides which one to peel comes down to CHEMISTRY.

She can feel attraction for a few men on her shortlist. But the one that gets to enjoy her shoulder rubs is the one that creates CHEMISTRY.

So what the crap is chemistry with women?

Whether chemistry is present is determined at the persona level of communication.

Everyone walks around with a persona they have put up as their personal billboard to showcase to the world. Just like you put up a polite and well-mannered persona in front of your boss when inside you, you actually cannot wait to kick his sorry ass one day. The mask that you wear in front of others is your persona. We put up different personas when meeting different groups of people.

When your persona effectively matches her persona in communication, you get chemistry. Now because it is difficult to judge what kind of a mood a woman is in, you cannot really tell which persona she has put up when you first meet her.

Before we go on, it is crucial that you understand that chemistry with women exists at the persona level. Attraction occurs at the persona level AND pass the persona level into her core instincts. So there is a big difference here. That means to get to her core instincts, you have to create chemistry by matching a woman’s persona.

Alright. Since we cannot determine which persona a woman puts up at first meet up, the logical thing to do is to summon one of them and match that.

I find that the best persona to summon is her fun & flirtatious persona. You don’t want to arouse her tigress persona at work.

You can easily summon this persona by engaging her in fantasy conversations. Conversations that only makes sense in fantasy. I’ve tested this numerous times.


“Oh find me familiar? You must have recognized me from Ocean’s Eleven”

“Look I know you want my autograph. But I only do that during office hours”

“I make movies, released a couple of CDs, and made quite a few MTVs”

“I’ve been living off royalties since they made some movies based on my life stories. Certainly you must have watched Harry Porter”

Keep stuffing her with fantasy talk until she engages you back with her fantasy talk. It can happen very fast.

When you arouse this persona of hers, you start having “anything goes” conversations. This is how you talk to women. That means you cannot say anything wrong since everything is not real. If she claims that you are a pervert, you can simply bust her by saying that she should really grow up and differentiate between fantasy and reality. She should chill out a little. 😛

The best bit is when she talks about outrageous fantasies…, tell her to grow up and be more realistic… you are trying to have a serious conversation here… it’s only polite that she takes you more seriously. 😛 Then watch her jaw drop in utter disbelief and ATTRACTION.

Nice. Chemistry checked.

Turn it up a notch by acknowledging a “secret” between both of you when there are people around. Just a wink or an eyebrow twinge to indicate a previous “insider” joke you had with her is good enough to communicate that the 2 of you have shared a world where only the 2 of you exist. This is chemistry with women at the most fundamental level.

Very often women label communications with men as “Different Frequency”. This occurs when you are unable to match her persona, so she feels that there is no chemistry. Once she decides that there you communicate in “Different Frequencies”, it becomes a tough job to get out of that category.

My simple techniques do not help you get any woman you want. It helps you stay off “Different Frequency” and creates chemistry at the most basic level.

Have fun with it.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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