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Taking Over Another Guys Girlfriend For Good Part 1

By on June 15, 2012
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I’ve broken this article into 2 parts because there are just too much to write on. Little details can make a huge impact when you are attempting to takeover another guy’s girlfriend. And I cannot leave these details out :D . You are going to love this 2 part article if you are currently in this situation. You are a bad man.

I seldom meet quality women who are single. I cannot recall the last time I’ve dated someone who is “single and available” and not in a relationship of some sort with another guy. They are always with another guy in a casual or serious relationship. Even if they have a boyfriend in a faraway country that they have not seen for two years and share a five minute conversation every three months, they would still tell you that they are attached.

Many of them are in casual companionship relationships. They are on the lookout for a new man. But they still tell everyone they have a boyfriend. It has something to do with social status. A woman who is single will be perceived as lower value by their peers. They are also socially expected to declare their status so as not to be perceived as sluts. These women however, will openly date you. The problem will resolve by itself.

The challenging ones are those that feel that they are obligated to freeze you out just because they have been in a relationship for a while. They feel guilty leaving a boyfriend even though the relationship has become just a label they put on.

If you are excited about reading this article. My guess is that you have run into a woman who you want and she has a boyfriend.

Believe it or not, most of the time, women tell you they have a boyfriend to test you even when they really do have one. You are being tested on how you can get around this social stigma and get her. It’s their test to judge how “meant the be” the two of you are. Many are tied down to an emotional blackmailer anyway.

Of course, women also want to boost their own egos to have men chasing them even when they have declared their unavailability.

My goal here is to help you on how to takeover her from her boyfriend.

Getting The Takeover Going

The first piece of information that you should get out of her is how long have she been with her boyfriend. If they have only been together for only a few months, you should step back. Couples in their early phase are most likely to be still living a blissful honeymoon. The barrier for entry is almost impenetrable. They are going to break up soon anyway if the guy is a real jerk. Be patient and bide your time.

If the woman you had visualized moaning in your bed is more than a year into a relationship, you stand a very good chance. She is getting bored and her boyfriend is most likely to be acting like a wimp unless he’s been reading this website. :)

I’ve found that women are always not happy with their boyfriends. They always tell you great stuff about their boyfriends initially. But once you get to know them better, they will start to complain about their relationships while mildly trying to justify and defend their boyfriends.

They simply have to defend their own boyfriends because they are expected to. It’s a “social rule”.

I know that you will be tempted to trash talk about women’s boyfriends with every chance that come your way. DON’T! You will activate women’s boyfriend defense protocol. It will only justify to women how great their boyfriends are. And you are an evil guy trying to break up her relationship.

To start off, you have to befriend women and make them open to share personal stories with you.

Give her the self image of being adventurous, fun-loving and spontaneous. Simply ask her how adventurous she is. Most of the time, people want others to know that they are adventurous, fun-loving and spontaneous.

Get her talking about her relationship by telling her about your past relationships.

Keep putting in your conversations about how great their boyfriends must be to them. How they must be bringing them to great holiday locations, buying great gifts for them, treating them like a princess, etc.

This creates a bottleneck of frustration within women’s minds. On the one hand, their boyfriends are treating them like a piece of furniture. On the other hand, from what you are describing of their boyfriends, they start to feel that they truly deserve to be treated that way.

The frustration will eventually overflow and they will start telling you how they have mistreated by their boyfriends. This is when you will start hearing stories about how much their boyfriends don’t understand them, does not have time for them, are too boring, cares more about football than them, etc.

At this point you may be tempted to say “Leave him! You are the love of my life! I cannot live without you!”


If you do that, she will see through your agenda, club you with a frying pan and withdraw from you.

Instead, defend the actions of her boyfriend in an impartial way. This will bring down her defenses and make her see you in a different light.

Let her tell her horror stories and continue to defend the jerk in a light-hearted way while teasing her. Soon she will find that you are the only person who understands her.

When she starts telling her horror stories, it’s your cue to tell her that she must be too demanding. Joke and tease her about how relieved you are that you are not her boyfriend. She will then find you a great understanding guy who is not insecure because you don’t trash talk other guys, And she will want to prove to you that she makes a great girlfriend.

Tell her how much a nice guy her boyfriend sounds like and insists that they belong together. Describe the weird behaviors of her boyfriend as she told you in vivid detail. Paint the picture of his disgusting acts in her mind. She will then be even more compelled to justify how unsuitable they are together. When she pictures his undesired behaviors being the perfect match with her, she will cringe as if someone is scratching a blackboard.

Don’t ask me why. It just works. :)

Meanwhile, you should consistently tease her on how difficult she must be as a girlfriend and tell her that she is not the type that you would go for. Consistently display confident attitudes and behavior to slowly tune up her attraction for you.

Because she has found connection with you, she will start trying to prove to you that she is not that bad at all. Unknowingly, the more she defends herself to you, the more she gets sucked into your frame.

This article continues in part 2

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