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Taking Over Another Guys Girlfriend For Good Part 2

By on July 11, 2012
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Continued from part 1…

Ask her to hang out with you on Friday and Saturday nights. Because she starts to feel that she will not deprive herself of fun just because she has a loser waiting for her at home, she will make an effort to meet you on these days. She has committed herself to being adventurous, fun-loving and spontaneous anyway. Honestly, she may only want to hang out instead of procrastinating at home with a loser. Alas, the more she engages you, the more attraction she will feel for you.

She may also be trying to make a statement to her boyfriend that she actually has a life. Unknowingly, even though her objective may be to make her boyfriend jealous, she will start getting attracted deeper and deeper to you by simply buying into your frame.

Meanwhile, back at home her boyfriend smells something fishy as he is left alone on weekends. He has been leaving her at home alone all these weekends while he has been boozing with his friends, but he cannot stand it that she has started to get a life for herself. He starts to feel insecure and will question her when she gets home and she will go hysterical on his possessiveness and selfishness.

Nine times out of ten, the boyfriend will have no choice but to continue allowing her to go out with you as he has to prove that he is not a possessive freak. If he is an emotional blackmailer, he will even more so, agree to let her hang out with you. He is collecting more ammunition to play the pitiful man. As you have always insisted to her that you are just friends, she will relay the message to her boyfriend to assure him of your non-agenda.

She will feel compelled to hang out with you so as to prove to her boyfriend that there will be nothing between the two of you.  She has committed herself to hang out with you because if she stops seeing you, she will be communicating to her boyfriend that there was really something going on between the two of you in the first place.

At this point, there is no way of turning the tables on you, unless you don’t follow up. You will decide where this leads to next.

You have become the fun and agenda-free man that she has committed to hang out with. The boyfriend has validated his wimp status. And with your alpha attitude and behavior, she is starting to feel massive attraction for you unknowingly. If only her boyfriend is a real man like you.

Maintain that you only see her as a friend. But continue to do activities that dating couples do. Bring her to the park late into the night, go for movies, take her for some fine dining, getting her used to your touch, bring her home to meet your family, etc.

I’m starting to see a trend that women declare that they have broken up with their boyfriends a week or two after we started dating. It is a test to see if I will step up and claim her. If I find these women worthy of the hassle, I do claim them.

Whenever I don’t step up and claim them, these women usually tell me another week or two later that they have made up with their boyfriends. Makes me think whether they are lying in the first place about the breakup.

Making Your Move

You have to make your move eventually. When it comes, be a man and go for it.

Wait it out a bit. It takes a little time for the tension between her and her boyfriend to build. And for the sexual tension between the two of you to erupt like a irrepressible 100 year old dormant volcano.

When the sexual tension becomes unbearable at it’s height, kiss her and insist that you didn’t expect it to happen. Insist that you should not be doing this with a friend and kiss her again. This time more passionately.

Very often, women will claim that they didn’t know they felt that way about you until they kissed you. Remain calm and escalate physically.

Note that at any point in time, if she wants you to stop, STOP!

We live in a civilized society.

If she is feeling anything but a sole devotion to her boyfriend, she will want to make out with you more intensely. So when she insists for you to stop, you can be sure that she is certain about it.

If you are not ordered to stop, bring her home for a DVD after that.

What Goes Around Comes Around

It may be fun and a huge emotional rush while you are doing this. But remember that if she can leave her boyfriend for you, she can do the same to you. Take it in your stride when that happens.

You have brought out the worst in her. Unless she has a strong mentality, she may be unable to ever accept that about herself.

Final Words

To wrap it up, this is the process of a girlfriend takeover

1)    Display manly attitudes and behavior and make friends with her

2)    Get her to open up while insisting that you only see her as a friend

3)    Find out how long she has been in the relationship

4)    Notice her complaints about her boyfriend

5)    Defend her boyfriend impartially and insisting that they belong together

6)    Consistently tease her while displaying top form attitudes and behaviors

7)    Get her to hang out with you on Friday and Saturday nights

8)    Go on dates while maintaining that you only see her as a friend

9)    Make your move when the tension is at it’s highest

Don’t feel guilty about it. Couples get together and breakup. If you had experienced a girlfriend leaving you for another guy before, did anyone apologize to you? And if the boyfriend is treating her right, you wouldn’t get a sniff of a chance in the first place.

Many times a relationship is already over, but couples remain together because of habit. They are just waiting for something to trigger the breakup. There is really nothing wrong with it.

It’s just the way it is in the dating game.

There are guys who go around with the agenda of taking over a girlfriend to boost their own egos. I will only support a takeover if the girl is worth it and her boyfriend is being nasty to her.

If you have the slightest feeling that the woman you are eyeing is not worth it, that should be enough for you to leave her alone. Don’t make her leave her boyfriend just for the fun of it.

There are a lot of women around.

Very often, women who are already on the lookout for a new man will settle her own relationship issues to be with you.

When you find it appropriate, have fun with this girlfriend takeover guide. Or if you want more advanced stuff to takeover another man’s girlfriend like a badass seducer check out Tao of Badass.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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