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7 Tricks To Come Up With An Impromptu Opener Anytime Anywhere

By on June 10, 2017
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A lot of men might flame me for saying this, but a big majority of women are actually very friendly and would not mind having a casual conversation with strangers… assuming they don’t look like serial killers…

Casual conversations are pretty innocent. But why it should concern you is that this is the first step in seduction. When you are able to get into this early phase, it will then be up to you to lead a woman through the process of dating.

Simple as it may sound. This is the biggest hurdle that most men find impossible to get past.

Yet if you talk to enough female strangers you’ve just met, you might realize that quite a number of them were quite into you from the get-go. All you had to do was ignite a casual conversation and the rest flows naturally.

Men who do this display all the right qualities including confidence, self-esteem, boldness, friendly, social, etc.

Let’s not get into the whole chaotic mess of why women will simply not open a conversation with a male stranger. That’s just too much to talk about.

Let’s just assume that you have taken on the responsibility of conversation opener with women that you happen to come across.

Maybe in places like the:

  • Gym
  • Park
  • Carpark
  • Next table
  • Elevator
  • Etc

You might not be in a stage of life where you have the confidence to strike up a conversation with strangers out of thin air. So here are some tricks to come up with something impromptu.

1) The surroundings

One of the easiest ways to immediately have something in common to talk about is the surrounding.

This requires you to just pick out something, maybe a landmark, to throw into conversation. And because she is in that location with you, she would feel compelled to respond.

For example, let say you see a gorgeous woman at a theme park. In a scenario like this, you might just kick-off a conversation with something like “WOW that roller coaster is truly wicked! You should try it!”

I used to use “The surroundings” a lot in my early days of gaming. But I have moved on to other methods which I will expose as you read on.

If you are a beginner, this might be the easiest subject to talk about with a hot stranger who has put your pants on fire.

2) What she is doing

It’s human nature to be interested in what we are doing. Why else would we be doing something unless we have a direct or indirect interest in it?

In various situations, you are going to run into women who are just minding their own business. And sometimes what they are doing is so odd or unique that you simply just have to make a comment.

Put it this way. If someone is riding a bicycle in a skating rink, she is going to expect people to chat her up about it.

I recall a time when I was in the gym and this hottie was using one of those exercise mats to do sideway planks. I saw her and she was just minding her own workout. As I didn’t want her to think that I was talking to someone else, I waited for her to make eye contact with me, then I said something in the lines of “I’m always too lazy to do these planks”.

This simple comment started a conversation about abdominal workouts for a few minutes. And guess what happened the next time I saw her again?

Yup. We started talking like friends.

If you just can’t seem to put your word in when she was doing whatever it is she was doing, try catching her while she is done.

In this case, you must be able to predict what she might be doing next and make a comment from that.

3) What she is wearing

Women put in much more time and effort into their looks. This includes dresses, make-up, accessories, etc. And in a lot of cases, a lot of thought was put into choosing each item that she wears on her body and face.

It’s a shame that men often don’t even notice these things… because you can fully grab a girl’s attention by just mentioning something about what they are wearing.

There was this one incident that is embedded in my mind because of how beautiful that girl was and how successful my comment was in initiating a conversation.

This woman was a visitor to the office and she was wearing some kind of oversized stone pendent on her silver necklace. We were walking right into each other in a narrow hallway and I instantly saw how attractive she was. In a split second, my visual senses picked up her pendant and I said “You know what people say about women who wear these things?” while pointing to her stone resting between her breast.

I won’t go into the details here. But this simple comment was the catalyst that triggered something in her which made her chase me throughout that day to get the answer to that riddle I thrown up out of nowhere.

Miracles do happen… in dating.

4) Overhear her and provide an answer

This is something I do a lot these days. I think this comes with confidence and a little cheekiness.

And very often, it happens in restaurants and cafes, or anywhere where are a lot of tables put together.

What happens is that women on another table start gossiping about girl stuff (or anything) loud enough for me to hear. Then I just JOIN the conversation.

I’ve executed this simple technique in places like bus stops, restaurants, retail shops, gyms, even at the movies!

You opportunity to join can arise when they:

  • have questions that no one in the social group can answer
  • are talking about things that are making fun of men in general
  • talks about a topic that you are an expert in
  • etc

I have literally shouted across a table just to clarify a situation the girls on another table were discussing. They always end up giggling.

Something to take note if you are to attempt this. You must truly project your voice so that people will be able to hear and make out what you are saying the first time. Having to repeat what you said overwhelmingly degrades what you are trying to do.

And of course… do assess the situation. You don’t want a bunch of beefy guys on that table giving you the eyes…

5) Event that just happened

This is another obvious concept of throwing in a conversation opener.

In many places where crowds congregate to have fun, most of the people have had a similar experience at the event. This makes the event or mini-events within that event a great topic to get the ball rolling.

For example, if you come across a hot woman in a bikini at a beach party, and she has no boyfriend, you can simply say “OMG DJ Cheezy is just awesome. Did you see how crazy he was spinning?!”.

Being at the same event create somewhat a sense of serendipity and common interest. And if this is a girl who has got her shit together, she is going to respond.

I once opened a conversation in a train. I saw her wearing a T-shirt of some event I was at a day before. And I went “Wait a minute. Were you at this event?”.

Easy peasy.

6) Command her to do something for you

Warning! You should only use this if you really have your act together. Failing which, what might happen to you is unpredictable.

The key to why commanding someone works is that people naturally look for leaders to lead and guide them. And sounding like an authoritative figure can often lead people to doing exactly what you demand of them.

I know this sound like some new-age shit. I agree. But it works. So who cares.

Just be mindful that the tasks you command someone to do for you should be small and simple enough which requires little to no effort. Because if it is a tough assignment, you are just giving a girl a good excuse to say no to you right from the start.

For example, if you are at the bar counter and your drink is out of reach, just ask her to pass it over to you. If you are at the supermarket and she is at the ice-cream fridge, ask her to pass you the tub of chocolate chips ice-cream. If she is looking that the mall directory, ask her to see where is the pet store.

This are typically simple acts… yet amazingly effective. But you might be surprised at how much a stranger would be willing to help out another just because you asked.

I once had a stranger turn-over a rubbish bin just to help look for an item that I threw in by accident! Simply… from asking her if she has good eyesight!

7) I haven’t seen you here before

I’m actually flabbergasted at how effective this conversation opener is.

I think it’s because a statement like this comes with a lot of loaded assumptions:

  • You are more familiar with the environment compared to her
  • You are cooler than her
  • She is the new kid on the block
  • You could be a leader in the community
  • She needs to win your approval and standards
  • You might know a lot of people here
  • She might get some perks by being acquainted with you
  • etc

This can be used almost anywhere at anytime. Give it a go and see what kind of response you get. I just hope you have brushed up your conversational skills beforehand.


When starting these casual conversations in ad-hoc encounters, the key is to leave as soon as you sense her wanting you to. This is to not make it awkward. And because you left before she said so, you become the one in control in her mind. You have no hidden agenda. And she would see you in a different light.

Of course… if you sense that she seem responsive, it’s perfectly fine to get her contact details right there and then.

I recommend that you pro-actively strike up casual conversations with as many people as possible. You never know… a beauty might just run into you for a second time and remembers you from the encounter you’ve shared on another day previously. This makes your job all the more easier.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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