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5 Big Factors That Make A Sexy Masculine Voice

By on November 11, 2015
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9 out of 10 people can’t analyze what makes a voice manly and sexy. Yet, probably 99 out of 100 will agree that a voice is such when they hear one.

I wouldn’t say that it’s a certainty that women would run from men with high-pitched and child-like voices. But I can be 100% confident that having a masculine voice can only help you score more points.

And if you are someone who is very active in chatting on the phone, you advantage can quite possibly multiply tenfold when you know how to work those vocal chords.

Here are the 5 areas you can work on.


Needless to say, it is universally understood that the deeper a man’s voice is, the sexier it becomes.

The problem most people have is that they have made it a habit out of speaking from their throats. Not only can this lead to a higher pitch, it also allows less control over the tone of your voice.

The secret is to speak from your diaphragm.

If you don’t know what that is as you are no doctor, don’t worry. Just focus on moving where your voice originate, from your throat to as close to your chest as possible.

Do this simple exercise.

  1. Put your hand on your chest
  2. Start talking and feel where the vibration is coming from
  3. You can start humming to get a more obvious vibration
  4. You want to move those vibrations as low to your chest as possible

This is also how singers and other celebrities warm up their voices before going on stage. It is one of the most basic exercises when they are going through the training of showbiz.


If the symbol of femininity is a soft spoken voice, then the trademark of masculinity has to be a loud one. You don’t have be loud. But your voice must be loud enough for someone to hear clearly without having to strain their ears.

Be careful not to confuse shouting with being loud.

If you have always had a weak voice, you really need to step up and start talking like a man.

There is no shame for a man to talk loudly. There is only the sign of weakness when a man speaks softly like he is afraid of waking up the neighbors.

You can practice the volume of your voice immediately by talking to your friends over a table. Sit back and project your voice so that the other party can hear you. Don’t lean forward. Just speak loud enough to be heard across the table.

It takes little effort once you get the hang of it.


Confident people who are sure of what they are talking about speak in a calm assertive manner. While those who are less confident speak at a fast speed, often because to get it quickly over with or in the hope that listeners will not be able to point out mistakes.

You might be excited with the topics you want to talk about. Or you simply cannot wait to share your day with women.

Stop and take a step back.

Start forcing yourself to speak more slowly and calmly.

From now on, treat your dates as training. Focus on working at your speaking pace. It’s more beneficial for you in the long term by harnessing a sexy masculine voice.

This might even help your mind get away from focusing on the outcome of your dates. Giving you a better chance of closing the deal.

Smooth and slick

Sometimes, you have the perfect response to a question or situation. But because you have never practiced using it, everything comes off the wrong way.

In bad moments, it can even work against you.

You might even give off that vibe that you:

  • are too mechanical
  • are memorizing lines
  • are a weirdo in social situations
  • are creepy

This is why people like me who have been there before keeps encouraging men to go out and practice whatever material they have in real life situations.

It does matter if you fail in your trials. The more you do it, the better you will get. Even if you keep screwing up, at least you are getting prepared for that 1 instance you might meet someone you feel could be so right for you.

Practice being talkative with your friends.

Conversational techniques are not what make a man smooth and slick. It is how you use them that make all the difference. And it is through practice where you become smooth.

When you spend more time thinking than talking with a girl, the way the words come out of your mouth can totally defeat your intent. Your voice gets affected, and people can tell that something is wrong.

Appreciate silence

I remember when I was a teenager that I felt I must be engaged in conversations every minute so that girls will not find me boring.

Now I realized that I was just putting too much pressure on myself.

More importantly, I failed allow pauses and silence to reel women in emotionally.

Some men might find this hard to comprehend. Because most feel the same way I felt all those years ago… Fearing to be labelled as boring… but that is far from the truth.

Firstly, you cannot assume that all women like to talk all the time.

Secondly, if you keep jabbering away, women will not have a chance to talk about themselves – their favorite subject.

Thirdly, the more you say and the faster you say it, the more likely you could step on a taboo subject.

Finally, when you allow pauses or silence during conversations, you allow what you are saying to sink in. You also allow her time to think about you in other angles.

I would go as far as to say that silence and long pauses are the biggest conversational tools in seduction. Trust me on this one.

Practice all these tips for 10 minutes a day in front of the mirror. Surely you can make that small commitment when the end result is a deeper sexier voice. You might be surprised how fast you will start seeing results. If needed, this ebook can help to develop your voice.

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