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8 Traits Of Being An Alpha Male Leader

By on July 8, 2014
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Alpha males very often naturally take up leadership roles in their groups. They lead and don’t seek approval to do so. It’s just natural to them. Followers do what they do best and follow. Don’t think for a second that followers are losers. Many followers are very happy just to be followers. Because when leaders shine, a real worthy leader will shine the light on their followers as well.

Do take note that not all alpha males are natural leaders. And not all leaders need to be alpha males. Just take a look at your boss or direct supervisor. Do they always alphas? I don’t think so. But since most people associate leaders with alphas, it is important that you learn more about being a good leader. Because that can only help you with your encounters with women when it comes to dating.

Here are 8 main traits to becoming a good leader.

1) Have discipline. Discipline is about the strength to follow through on plans and decisions. When a goal is identified, a plan is usually drawn up to achieve that goal. And in order to follow that plan, discipline has to be enforced. It is something like if you do action A, you will reach destination A, and when you do action B, you will reach destination B, and so on. This is why discipline is followed through by leaders. They can see where they want to go and the road that leads to that destination. As long as the road is followed with discipline, the goal will be achieved.

2) Strong persistence. If you give up the moment you run into problems, you are not meant to achieve greatness. You can get by with running away from obstacles instead of conquering them. But in order to inspire others like a great leader, you need to be persistent. Rome was not built in a day. That saying is so true even today.

3) Full of integrity. Everyone likes integrity. I would really like to know what you do if integrity is not somethig you desire. Even for those who go about doing things with little integrity, I’m sure they would look forward to the day when integrity is no longer an issue. If you are assuming a leadership role in any area of your life, be ready to lose your followers when you do not maintain a high standard of integrity.

4) Loves to encourage others. Leaders are nothing without the loyalty of their followers. This is why they understand that constantly encouraging followers is a key element in growing as a group. The more followers act positively on encouragement, the more the group can achieve as a whole. Remember to give credit to others when they deserve it. Although followers probably don’t like the spotlight, they would love to have it once in a while for some recognition to how well they follow.

5) Unquestionable flexibility. You cannot be too hard-headed on everything you do. It can enhance how you are perceived by others when you are flexible on important topics. It take a real man to admit a mistake. Failing to acknowledge a mistake is just clear stubbornness. Yes strong-willed leaders are often difficult to convince, but they are always open to strong opinions that question their actions.

6) Undeniable courage. The ability to take on a tough problem even though the outcome could be negatively obvious is courage. It is in times like this when folklores are born. If you take on a huge goal, do not run when unforeseen obstacles come up. The courage to navigate rough waters can inspire people all around you.

7) Time for followers. A good leaders takes it upon himself to be responsible to the well-being of his followers. Not only that he constantly seek ways to help them improve. So no matter how small an issue appears to be, a good leader will always have time to listen and advise accordingly. His followers are what made him anyway.

8) Visionary. The most influential trait of a great leader is his vision. This is the one thing that almost every article you read about leaders have in common. You don’t need to have to correct answers to everything. But you need to have a vision of where you are going. You need to have a certainty and conviction. Only then can your followers follow you whole-heartedly. Your vision was what got your followers hooked in the first place.

Even though a leader might appear to be more attractive to women, take note that when it comes to dating and seduction, they are still likely to lose out to someone with good dating skills. This is because being a leader does not mean that one naturally understands the dynamics of attraction and seduction.

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