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How To Attract Asian Women In 8 Simple Steps

By on February 2, 2015
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Asian women are known for their unparalleled beauty. Their long black hair shines brightly in the noonday sun and their smiles light up even the darkest of mornings.

Timid, petite and fragile, Asian girls are a great catch, no matter where you’re from, and they make amazing life partners. They treat you with respect and are often so feminine that you would feel like a real man just being with them.

Do you want to meet and have a great relationship with one of them? Check out the following Asian dating tips. They’ll help.

1. Have Money.

I hate to say it, and I don’t want to make all women from Asia sound like gold-diggers, but the truth’s that many really do think about money a lot. Hear me out.

For them, just like for many women around the world, money is a pathway to a better life, and many of these women are going to be predisposed to wealthier men.

So does not having money mean you’ll never get that Asian beauty of your dreams? Not necessarily, but you certainly need to get your financial house in order if you want things to move smoothly. Having real money is more than just having great body language. It is actually self-explanatory. Literally.

2. Drive a Car.

This might not seem all that important or all that uncommon, but you’ll find that many Asian girls have never had a car before.

If the woman you’re looking to date grew up in China, for example, her family probably didn’t have a car. She would have relied on public transportation a lot, or even walking. You will find the same situation in places with beautiful women like Thailand and Vietnam.

A car might seem like an everyday thing to you, but to the woman you’re interested in, it very well might be a luxury. It is your job as a man to provide a better life for her anyway.

2. Have Insurance.

This is something else that seems common, but to many Asians it isn’t. If you can ensure that you’ll be able to provide for her no matter what, you’re way ahead of the curve.

Having reliable heath insurance, home insurance, and life insurance will really impress her, and trust me, they’ll be looking for it or be trying to ferret it out in conversation.

4. Love Your Parents.

This is good advice no matter what kind of woman you’re trying to land.

Having a loving and healthy relationship with your parents tells a woman that you’ll have the same type of relationship with hers, and for Asian women this is very important.

Many Asian ladies grow up in households where they’re expected to provide for their parents well into retirement and beyond. The family culture is deeply embedded into many Asian societies. It is not a surprise at all that a woman who loves you whole heartedly can actually leave you in an instant if her parents object to you. So by showing that you love your own parents, you will be in a better position to navigate future road blocks in this area should they come up.

You’ll be expected to share in that burden if things get serious between the two of you, and she’ll be looking at how much you talk about your parents and how well-off they are.

5. Have a Killer Career.

You might notice that I didn’t use the word ‘job’ here.

A job just isn’t good enough for most women, and frankly, they could find any schmuck on the street with that back home. To really get a girl interested in you, you’ll need to have a career, one that’s bringing in a yearly salary and not an hourly wage.

Benefits are a given and some kind of cash-out bonus or complicated retirement plan that requires lawyers to decipher also can’t hurt.

If you have that you’re doing great, if not, well, maybe it’s time to hit Craigslist.

6. Be Moving Up.

As I just mentioned, having a good job just isn’t enough for many women in Asia.

If you’ve read Amy Chua’s book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, you’ll know how tough she was on her children.

If that’s how just one Asian woman treats her kids and their professional progress then you know she’ll be coming down on you too.

That’s why it’s so important to have that upward mobility in your career, whatever career that may be. You need to be moving up the ladder constantly, and that takes a hungry attitude.

That’s what you need to land a woman for good – that hunger and drive that tells her you’re always ready to go to the next level.

7. Want Children.

Asian women largely come from one-child households.

That means they never really grew up knowing a brother or sister, and also that they were the center of attention in their home.

They know what it means to be in the spotlight, and they’ll put you in the spotlight when it comes to children.

Women living inside of Asia will nearly always want at least one child.

Sometimes that’s all they can get. If you want children too then you’ll hit it off right away, and if you want a big family, oh boy, you’ve hit the jackpot!

The more you want children the more a woman will want you. Keep that in mind the next time you go out.

8. At Least Try to Learn Her Language.

Learning any kind of Asian language is tough. First of all, it’s not really one language, but two. Most of the writing is done in characters and there’s no way you’ll get the phonetic sounds from it.

That can make even the prospect of learning, quite difficult. But boy will your woman be impressed if you give it a shot!

Take the time to find some books on her native language and let her know it.

Listen to some recordings on your iPod or get a version of Rosetta Stone. Make and effort and you’ll see that it impresses her, even if your pronunciation doesn’t.

And remember, nothing makes Asian beauties laugh more than speaking their language incorrectly.

Those are 8 ways you can make an Asian girl notice you and eventually love you.

Not all of them are going to work overnight, and if you want any kind of lasting relationship you’ll have to put a lot of time and effort into it, but those 8 ideas should give you something to go off of.

Good luck and have fun finding the woman of your dreams!

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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