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How To Get A Girl To Like You Unconsciously

By on April 6, 2015
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Getting her to like you really isn’t that hard, but there are a few things you must keep in mind.

When I talk to guys about how to get a girl to like you, I tell them about self improvement and getting your own life together before even thinking about going out on dates and trying to hook up with a girl, especially if she’s quality.

What you must know about women.

Quality women aren’t trying to find the most handsome, talented or awesome guys on the face of the earth. They want someone they can feel good and safe with.

Someone who’s going to take care of them when things get tough.

So why are you still glancing upwards towards the image of Kate Upton and trying to imagine yourself with her? It’s not going to happen.

She is busy dating professional athletes like Blake Griffin and Justin Verlander.


Never forget that women live for the moment.

Kate Upton is very young and immature. She gets way too much attention, and although she happens to be very successful, she is living for the moment as well. She’s like many women out there.

In fact, if she had any foresight at all, she would know that 70% of professional athletes go broke after they retire. Even more get divorced over nothing, and the rest just end up becoming regular guys.

So being a professional athlete, almost never makes you the smartest, most attractive guy in the room. In fact only an estimated 1% of them, continue to be wealthy after they retire.

What happens when they mature?

If you look at Hollywood, and the more mature actresses, though, you rarely see them end up getting married to anyone who plays for the Dodgers or even actors. Instead, many of them are married to screen writers, directors, and even businessmen.

All types of people who are known to have foresight.

Counter to that, you would never see headlines on TMZ that say anything like “Selena Gomez In Bed With New And Talented Writer” or “Actress Caught Naked With Scrub Boy” or “Christina Aguilera Shacks Up With Production Assistant.”

Success does it.

What I am trying to say, is that you might have some brilliant long term entrepreneurial plans in the future, but none of that matters when you are trying to impress women. Actually until you make good on your plans, they might as well not even exist.

Does this mean you have to be rich?


Women are attracted and impressed by success and stability. Not every director is a smashing success, most writers are definitely not, and most businessmen do as well as their means, but the ones successful with women enjoy a good deal of success and they’re not out selling lemonade.

“I want a HOT girl right now, though!” You say.

Okay okay.

Hope isn’t lost for you, but you have to take things as they are, and if you are smart then you realize what I have been trying to say when I was talking about Kate Upton and her young athlete boyfriends who I am sure are having millions of dollars of fun right now burning a ton of money.

Are you serious?

When I was a kid, my super wise karate instructor used to tell me not to get too serious too early, and have as many girlfriends as possible.

When he used to tell me that, I would think to myself ” But I am a nice guy! I just want to spend time with one girl, love her, kiss her, cuddle with her.”

He didn’t mean it like that, though. What he meant was for me to have many GIRL FRIENDS and just hang out with them without trying to get with them. Just be fun, and don’t bore them to death with tales of enchanted kingdoms and riding into the sunset.

After awhile some of them will want to have more “fun.” Just don’t always expect it to last, if you are still living in your college dorm when you are 28.

Stand out from the crowd.

If you think about it, the hottest girls normally have every single guy that she has ever met trying to get with her. This include alpha males who are clueless in attraction and dating.

What better way is there to standout in a girl’s mind than to be the only guy who genuinely just wants to hang and doesn’t have any expectations? After all, you are just hanging out… Right?

It doesn’t take much to get beautiful women to like you, but if you want to take it further than just that, you have to look at yourself, look at where you are headed, and how much success you’re having.

When you figure this out for yourself and accept your current position for what it is, while at the same time having a plan for smashing success, you will end up with a woman who’s more beautiful and fun than you could have ever imagined.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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