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Basic Skills That Make Women Open To Talking To You – No Pickup Lines

By on March 7, 2015
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Do you remember those guys in high school you just cannot stand? The ones that didn’t seem to be really good at anything productive, and goofing off seemed like the only thing they are capable of? Do you remember how popular they were? Do you remember how they used to get all of the girls?

I know, high school may or may not have been a long time ago for you (as it certainly was for me,) and you might be wondering how these questions I am asking about your more awkward years might be relevant in your adult life.

Well for starters, in high school, biology and human psychologically overtakes rational thought by leaps and bounds, so based on their personality, upbringing, and how long they went to school with the people around them, you can say that many high school kids have more game than you do now – But by accident.

You want to know how to talk to girls? Here’s what NOT to do.

It is common knowledge that women, especially good looking ones, get hit on virtually every single day, almost every time that they go out.

One of the things that really bothers me is when I hear guys say things like…

Ah! She is so stuck up. I just asked her for her number, and she totally blew me off! What a $#%@#!

Seriously though, I don’t know why guys have trouble understanding the rejection, and I wonder what do they really expect?

Yea! I totally want you to potentially be calling me all day, every day! Actually I can’t believe my luck! You are the 12th guy today!

Don’t be a TANK.

Another stupid thing that guys do is the “tank” approach, which is when they see a woman and run in head on with no plan, to get her contact information. Then, that basic conversation turns into trying to convince her why she should go out with him.

Even when you walk up to a girl and just politely ask her how she is doing, it is pretty obvious what your inventions are and she can smell this coming from a mile away. She doesn’t know you, you’re not being original, and someone else just came up to her with the same intentions 30 minutes ago.

Are you starting to see how annoying this can get?

If you are still having trouble visualizing how potentially insane this could make a person, it is the female equivalent of being the only tech guy in an office building of 500 employees. Except when you are a beautiful woman, you are not getting paid to take the constant harassment.

Now, back to high school.

Unless you were the only white guy who went to a high school in Taiwan, chances are that you blended in with the rest of the student body. Now think back.

Other than the people that you went to school with since Kindergarten, how did you meet new people your age? Not just girls.

Would you walk up to a new group during lunch and start talking to them about random things? As cruel as high school kids are, they would probably say something not so subtle, along the lines of…

Go Away. Loser!…

…or if they wanted to be more polite, they would say something like ” We normally have lunch together. Meaning, not with you. Sorry.”

Now think about how you made new friends, or even met your new girlfriend…

The connection.

Way back in Junior High when I started at a new school, in a new district in 8th grade, I met my best friend at the time, when I saw him reading a comic book. I mentioned to him that I read comics too, and that was the beginning of us hanging out everyday


If I would have walked up to him and started talking about fashion, for example, we would have probably never become friends. He would have just thought I was strange, and made fun of me behind my back.

I had to connect with him.

It was the same way meeting girls then. I became friends with girls when we were seated next to each other in class, or we were paired up as partners for an assignment, or if it was through a mutual friend, or we were put on the same team in gym class, etc.

Just think of something.

In case you haven’t realized it by now, meeting new people in the adult world is the same exact process. There just has to be a reason to start a connection, especially when you meet attractive women.

Depending on her mood at that particular moment, the excuse you make to start a conversation can be something as settle as helping her pick up some papers that she dropped (as cliche as it sounds, it still works.) You can then easily start chatting about a book that she is reading – If you know anything about the material of course.

Years ago I was in a club and I was standing next to a girl who was getting hit on by a guy that I could tell that she was trying to ignore and wasn’t into at all. From there, in one of my smoothest moves ever (yeah, right…), I proceeded to put my arm around her and say ” Hey man, why are you trying to hit on my girlfriend?” He responded by apologizing and saying that he didn’t know, then just walked away.

Because of what I did, this girl completely lit up. She turned to her friends and said ” hey, this guy is cool!”

Nothing came out of it, but I was able to make an excuse based on what was happening at the time and I got to talk to her and her friends.

The idea is to not force things.

One thing that you will rarely hear a woman say when you ask her how she met her boyfriend or husband is…

Women like things to progress naturally. They prefer for things to just happen. They also like to have complete control over the situation.

So, next time you want to approach a woman, first, think to yourself, ” what kind of situation can I create to start a conversation with this girl, and make it seem as natural as possible?” Once you figure that out, you are ready to proceed and talk about anything you want…

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