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How To Get Your Girl Hot For You After A Nasty Fight (Even If It IS Your Fault)

By on June 13, 2015
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So things have gone wrong. Things have gone very wrong. Your girl is mad at you and if you want to get back into her good books you’re going to have to try pretty hard.

It’s never good when your girl is mad at you. Women can stay mad for a long time and once you’ve crossed the line with your girl, it’s very difficult to get back on your side without looking like the weak one in the relationship.

Never fear, though, just follow this simple guide to get out of the dog house and back into your girls arms!

1. Identify the Issue.

Fact is you probably don’t even know what you’ve done wrong. You are not alone.

Women are complex creatures and they won’t just tell you what you did to annoy them. Oh, no, that would be far too easy, wouldn’t it? Welcome to the world of dating.

No, they’re going to make you work for it. The key here is to work out what you have actually done without her realising that you don’t actually know! Think back to when she went in a mood… What were you talking about? What did you say? What are some of the things she has been nagging over lately?

Women tend to get mad immediately when you upset them, rather than saving up their anger for later. This plays right into your hands, because it means (so long as your memory is in working order) you can work out what you’ve done wrong very quickly.

2. Talk it Out and Turn it Around.

Women LOVE to talk, so once you know what the issue is you can win some brownie points by talking it over. This will be, by its very nature, a boring activity, however you just have to know the key things to say to help calm her down and it should be pretty easy.

Let her know that you have identified where you went wrong and that you didn’t actually mean whatever you said or did. If you didn’t know what was the cause initially, she might reveal it at this point.

For example, if you accidentally (or purposely) insinuated that your girl is fat by calling her “curvy”, then tell your girl that is not what you meant. Say that you actually meant that she was looking even better these days, with her curvy physique. You might here want to liken her to Beyonce and say that you find her new found curves attractive.

Tip: DON’T GROVEL. You will lose her respect if you start to grovel for her and she will treat you as she sees you, as a punch-bag. The moment you appear to be begging you’ve already lost. When a woman sees weakness she pounces.

3. Back Off.

Now your girl needs to feel like she made the decision to have you back. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” as they say and distance is exactly what your girl needs now to realise that she’s wrong and forgive you.

Ideally you should go away somewhere. If you can, get well away from her for a few days.

The time away will remind her what she’s missing and she will start to think over about why she’s actually mad at you.

Since you’ve already had the talk about you not meaning whatever you said or did, she will start to contemplate whether she is actually in the right at all. This will mean that she will start to think about whether she has any right whatsoever to be mad at you.

Don’t contact her at all. You will end up looking like the injured party here and she will be left wondering what she has done to make you flee from her. She will, hopefully, fear that the relationship is over and this will make her feel incredibly guilty.

4. Let Her Win You Back.

Now it is her turn to grovel. When she calls, and she will, act aloof and a little upset. This will confirm to her that she is in the wrong and that she has upset you without cause. She will then start to apologise, which is when you can strike.

While she is apologising you should act as though you are still very upset. Don’t accept her initial apology, but say something like “I just feel as though you’ve broken my trust and I don’t know how I can be the same with you again after this.”

This will scare the shit out of her, because she will think that it’s well and truly over.

Leave the conversation open. Say you have to leave for whatever reason and leave her wondering whether you have forgiven her or whether it is truly over. Say you will call her later and hang up.

5. Call Back.

Don’t call back that same day, that would be all too easy and she might not take you seriously.

Instead wait a day or so and then pick up the phone. When you speak to her this time say that you are still very upset, but you want to talk.

Let her grovel a little more again. When she is done with that start to build back up to affection. Say that you want to give things another chance, but you need to be sure that she is trustworthy. (NOTE: By this point you should have completely changed round the accusations. She no longer remembers being the one who was mad and actually thinks she is the one in the wrong!)

If we go back to the “curvy” example here, you might want to say something along the lines of “I don’t think it’s fair that you let your insecurities get in the way of you taking a compliment.” That puts the blame well and truly on her and reaffirms the idea that you were just trying to compliment her all along.

6. Forgive Her.

Now is your chance to be the bigger person and forgive her. Tell her that you should both put it behind you and that it’s not worth thinking about any more. This will ensure she doesn’t bring up the fight at a later date.

If all this goes to plan she will be left feeling like the perpetrator and won’t be getting mad at you any time soon again, not after the massive fuss you made and her almost losing you. You are in control yet again.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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