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7 Attractive Traits Of Badass Men That Women Won’t Admit To

By on May 25, 2015
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A badass man is the man most secretly desire. These are typically bad boys who have grown up and living it up. You will probably have very few female friends who would admit to being attracted to them. Because very often, these men are confused with jerks. And no woman will want to be perceived as having a liking to jerks. Without further ado, here you will discover seven essential traits that are required to be a badass man.

#1: Manly

1) Allow your manliness to grow and never repress it. Workout at the gym when you have the time. If there’s anything that will make you stand out from a crowd some distance away, it is your build. Considering that most men do not workout, you can easily physically stand out when you are beefy under those shirts.

Man is the epitome of power and strength. So focus on building the right physique and overall fitness.

2) Be ambitious:

Be ambitious and do something about it. Women like a man who think big and work on it without giving up. You automatically become Mr. irresistible. Not everyone is rich. The next best thing is having a good possibility to be rich some day. It’s not that all women are materialistic. But someone do have to bring home the bacon each day.

3) Act tough and she will love you.

You don’t have to be nice all the time. Act tough when it comes to your personal choices in your life. This is the only way can preserve your uniqueness. In a weird way, it can also reveal a little bit of dominance.

When you act tough, a lot of chemistry is involved and you will be surprised to know it is a precursor to a strong physical attraction.

4) Be adventurous:

Always try new things and explore your life in an exciting way. Women feel comfortable in the presence of a man who can handle tough situations. And nothing communicates that better than handling yourself well in unpredictable situations.

5) Enjoy your geeky electronics obsession:

If you love videogames pursue them passionately. Explore new gadgets. It shows your passion and women admire it. They want you to understand their fetish hobbies as well.

6) Don’t ever give up your life:

In spite of dating a woman, don’t give up your life. Demonstrate that you have your own life away from her. This way you make sure that you’re non-clingy and non-possessive.

#2: Attractive

Remember, everyone is born with unique features. Feel proud of them and groom well. Someone will be attracted to you naturally. Caring about how you look communicates all the right things to women.

1) A sense of style:

Don’t try to imitate others rather develop your own unique sense of style. This shows others as to how you love yourself. Make sure your sense of style is tuned to the latest trends. Women like your unique sense of style.

2) Groom well:

Understand this. You always look out for a sensuous and hot woman. Similarly women also look for a well groomed and handsome man. So dress well and use necessary cosmetics and perfumes that suit your style.

#3: Humorous

1) Sense of humor:

Women like men who can make them laugh. So make your women laugh with your beautiful sense of humor. So get naughty now and then. Show your funny side. It strengthen the attraction and builds relationship. An even better way to display your humor is to demonstrate your ability to laugh at yourself.

#4: Unpredictable

Always being predictable is boring. A woman might date a boring man, but will probably not stick to him for very long. Women want fun and excitement. You don’t need to make each day a unique adventure. Just being fun is a good start.

1) Avoid typical dinner and movie dates:

2) Choose an unpredictable dating venue:

3) Talk about your aspirations, passions and life experiences:

4) Surprise gifts:

First talk about your girlfriend interests and desires and pickup gifts out of the blue. She will be overwhelmed with excitement. Interestingly, many women when interviews about why they are happy in their relationships, very often you will hear them talk about surprise gifts. This is a clue.

#5: Initiative

1) Don’t say what women want to hear and don’t do things that women want to do:

Many men say and do things that please the women. These men are of the opinion that if they voice their opinions women doesn’t like them. Their behavior is predictable. This shows their weak mind. I call it being spineless. You are better than that. And if you are a man, you will have your own opinion and how you want things done.

So, if a woman wants you to do something that you don’t like it, simply decline it. This demonstrates what you stand for and what you believe.

attractive badass men2) Don’t try to be Mr. nice guy:

Remember! Being a nice guy is a red flag to the most women. There is no need for you to change your behavior. You, can therefore, just be yourself. In the world of love and relationships, nice guys tend to finish last.

Your gender is male and it is unlikely that people will think otherwise. So you do not have to apologize when your actions or opinion are masculine. If you suppress your masculinity, it just shows everyone that you are uncomfortable with who you are.

3) Don’t look for her approval:

If you seek the approval of woman for each and everything eventually you will be rejected. If you put woman on a pedestal you lose your power automatically.

First you need to see her as an equal and be playful. Sometimes be naughty and outrageous. Feel comfortable to take initiative. Women like it. This is the best way to win her heart.

4) Give your love and show your romance:

These days most women are financially independent. They are not looking for a man of rich. Rather they are looking for a man who can give lots of love to them.

Understand! Romance is the key ingredient in a Love recipe. Without romance your relationship never becomes so intense and passionate.

So don’t hesitate to express your love and show your romantic side to the woman you love.

#6: Chivalrous

No matter what observers say and feel, the truth is that women are hardwired to expect chivalry. Deep down they experience a sense of comfort when you treat her as a girl. But when you do this wrong, chivalry can be disastrous.

So, small acts of chivalry bound to melt her heart.

1. Get her car when it’s raining:
2. Step in when an idiot hassles her
3. Compliment her
4. Take her out on a date
5. Get along with her family and friends
6. Understand her sentiments:

Remember things that are special to her, like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and so forth.

7. Be comfortable showing affection publicly

#7: Let her be herself

1) Give her enough space:

Men fall in Love faster. In contrast, women take time to love and attraction to grow. Most of the men don’t allow time for the women to take the decision. It shows neediness and insecurity on the part of man. Being dominant is different from being domineering. The former is what you want. The latter is what you want to avoid.

Don’t indulge in constant texting, emailing and calling. Give her enough time and allow the relationship to grow.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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