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How Chivalry Can Lead Women To Despise You As A Man

By on August 17, 2010

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You know that little voice inside our heads that wails for approval from women… ? The chivalrous one that wants you to treat her like a princess and would compromise your self-worth just to gain that little illusion of rapport?

I’ve dated women who actually blatantly attempt to pass me their handbags on first dates. It’s just part of their lifestyles to impose onto men to do these things they conveniently classify as “chivalry”.

You can only blame mass media conditioning for embedding these “chivalry” ideas onto men and women. Women will expect a man to drive them around, wait on them while they go about a one-sided shopping trip (which you are paying for), take them to fancy restaurants… and men will in fact beg women to let them do that.

Have you ever sent forwarded text messages to women you’ve just met telling them how cute they are with those font-made teddy bears? How about bringing women to have their favorite dessert all across town just because they made a mild mention of it? What about women asking you to join her at the club, and fully expect you to pick up the tab? All because you want to be perceived as a chivalrous man in her mind.

In case you think that these “chivalry” behaviors are part and parcel of being men, you have to wake up your idea. I’ve seen men being abused emotionally and mentally by their girlfriends simply based on the principle of “chivalry”. And men, in an effort to have “chivalry” play along with those games. Submitting to life as a chivalrous man.

Don’t get me wrong. Treating a woman right is part of a man’s duty. But you have to be able to identify when women are abusing that thing called “chivalry” and call her out on it. If at any point you feel that you are being taken advantage of, stop and think it over. You do not owe women anything! You are not obligated to treat women like cute princesses just because they behave like one and declares themselves as one.

I’ve seen countless men being played out and with only credit card bills to show for their efforts.

I would go as far as to say NEVER play prince charming unless that woman is your girlfriend… or when she has done something to earn it.

On the contrary, during dating, have fun by demanding to be treated like a king. Ask for massages, get her to carry your bags, make her wait for you, wander off and let her come find you, etc. All these just in the name of fun.

However, always be territorial when it comes to food. Unless she’s making dinner for you at her place, always be the one to order and take care of everything when eating out. Putting food on the table is a primal man’s job. She can do the dishes, if required. 😀

When women’s demand for chivalry deflects off you like a raindrop, something magical happens. You communicate to her that you understand that all these chivalry crap are just social conditioning and you KNOW that she is playing the social game with you. You are calling her out on her bluff. You are a man and does not feel any less if you don’t go out of your way to appear like prince charming. And if she wants you to do those little things for her, she has to earn it.

She will go home that night pulling her hair out. Wondering why you are not behaving like all the other men who treats her like a princess from the start. Instant intrigue.

Women may even start to really treat you like a KING just to hear you call her “Baby” at the end of the day.

Demand to be treated with respect and NEVER entertain “princess requests”.

Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You

Get it delivered to your email

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