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7 Tested Strategies Proven To Get Women CRAZY About You

By on May 22, 2015
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So here’s how it goes. Boy meets girl, boy wants girl, girl shoots boy down so hard his grandma calls to make sure he’s okay.

This isn’t what you want.

You want the girl to think you are her dream. She needs to know you’re the one she wants, and that she’ll never find a guy like you even if she searches for the rest of her life. In a way, she has been waiting for you to appear for much of her adult life.

You want her to want you.

But how? How do you do that? True, it’s generally difficult for you to attract fit girls, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are just a few ways to make sure you are irresistible.

Tip 1: Have a wing man.

Never under any circumstances try to pick up a woman without one, and here’s why: you need him. His job is simple. He should be the first one to approach the girl in question.

Consider Dane Cook’s character in My Best Friend’s Girl. He was a creep. He treated women like crap so they’d run to the next nice guy to talk to them. You need a Dane. Just make sure that he is willing to play the part. You are going to do the same for him anyway. So it’s beneficial to all parties.

Here’s the scenario:

You are at a bar with your wing man and you see a smokin’ hot woman that makes your blood boil. You want her, there’s no denying it. This is when your wing man makes his move.

He goes over, acts like a creep to the Hottie’s friend and likely ends up with a slap in the face. Not a bad thing. That’s when you swoop in.

*NOTE* Pay close attention to what she is drinking as your friend takes the hit for you.

You’ll need it for step two.

Walk over and make pleasant conversation with the friend. Tell her you can’t believe how creepy some guys can be, and apologize. This is where you turn and make direct eye contact with the Hottie.

Don’t stare!! Staring is creepy!!

Do, however, smile kindly at her. Apologize for “staring” and tell her you can’t help it because you’ve never seen someone whose eyes were so bright and happy.

Before you start jotting down any of these tips, though, be sure to remember that if you are too overly nice to her friend, you’ll end up with a case of the friend being into you more than the actual Hottie. Tread lightly.

Tip 2: Buy her a drink, but play it cool.

Tell her you’ll be right back with a drink for her, and before she can respond, tell her you know she isn’t into you. However, it never hurts to be friendly.

At this point you can expect two possible outcomes.

As you leave to get drinks, her friend will be telling her she’d be crazy not to try to get with you. After all, you’re sweet, kind, sexy…

Or, her and her friend could be high-tailing it out of there quicker than you can turn to give your signature wink and grin.

Whatever the scenario, it will be determined by how well you execute Tip 1…

…which brings us to the next important note.

NOTE: Before you go out, please do everyone a favor and don’t dress like Howard Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory. Ever. And certainly do not load on the cologne.

Smelling like an air freshener never did anyone any favors.

Tip 3: Once you have her drink, bring one back for her friend too.

Here’s where you lay the bait. Do not sit to share a drink with her. Tell her you hope to be able to chat some more in a quieter setting.

(Obviously, be sure to tell her your name and don’t forget to get hers! )

Instead of offering her a scribbled on napkin, give her your business card. Not only will this give off the image that you are a working man, but she’ll instantly think you have money. Sure, it’s shallow, but it’ll help get you a date with her.

Note that for women who are very new or rusty in the dating game for whatever reason, not disclosing more about you can be perceived as you having something to hide.

Tip 4: The three days.

Assuming you leave without her instantly throwing you into a corner, let me tell you why you gave her your number instead of getting hers. Remember that feeling of anxiety because you’re unsure how long to wait before calling?

That cold sweat and stomach cramp?

You’re welcome.

The question of when will she call is unavoidable. If she hasn’t called the next day, don’t immediately go try again. Give it a safe 3 days before jumping back on that horse.

Tip 5: Okay, she called!

You’re having coffee.

On this date, you should still play it cool. There’s a difference between being cool and being cold. Learn it.

Being cool is not showing her how totally into her you are. Be mysterious, but take an interest in her. You can answer questions about yourself, but don’t go into too much detail. Don’t fake interest in her answers.

Trust me, she can tell.

Being cold is not paying any attention to her and checking out other prospects while with her. Don’t hide things from her, but keep it brief.

Long, drawn out answers get boring.

One faux pas to avoid is talking about past relationships. She’s your date, not your way to vent.

Once the date is over, do yourself a favor and pay the bill. Show her that chivalry is not actually dead, just hidden in you.

You are a gem of a being and she will see that.

Tip 6: Get her used to your touch.

Physical relationships have a process. It’s not as if you can go from no physical contact to sleeping with her with a flip of a switch. You need to start escalating from the beginning.

Things that you can do to initiate more body contact.

– Touch her elbows to guide her along while walking

– Ask her to give you a hand massage

– Tap her shoulder when you are beside her

– Play games and give her a friendly hug when either of you win

– Touch her hair by asking what brand of shampoo she uses

– Tell her she is slouching and straighten her shoulders for her

Just don’t be too creepy while doing this or women will run. As she get more and more comfortable with your touch, you can then slowly escalate further and further. It will be much more easier when you are going for the close another day.

Tip 7: Saying bye for now.

Unless it’s blatantly obvious that she wants you to kiss her (i.e.: she lingers at the door, bites her lower lip, etc.) do not kiss her. If anything, give her a peck on the cheek and tell her you hope to see her again.

Get her number this time too.

You’re good now.

Look at that!

You just scored yourself a total hottie! Good for you. With these tips in mind, you really can’t fail. You definitely won’t end up alone for the rest of your life living in your mother’s basement…

Date wisely, my friend!

Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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