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Online Dating Advice – 7 Common Questions That Women Ask And How To Answer Them

By on August 22, 2012
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You know the drill. If you have had at least 1 interaction with a woman on an online dating site, these questions are probably going to seem strangely familiar to you. No matter how much we complain, men will still get these interview styled questions thrown in their faces. Well, if you can’t get rid of them, you have to learn to manage them.

If you are a newbie to online dating, a big mistake you will want to avoid is to answer all “interview” questions frankly with straight forward answers. I will bet my last dime that if you have indeed answered women’s questions with straight forward to-the-point answers, you will never hear from them again. This is of course assuming that you are not a famous rock star or have a highly regarded job like being a pilot.

The types of straight forward answers I’m talking about are things like

• I’m 25
• I‘m an accountant
• I make $50,000 a year
• I drive a Toyota

To be honest, I feel that women have forgotten why they ask these questions in the first place. It has now become a universally accepted pre-screen application form they use to disqualify men. ANY answer you give will be a reason to reject you. Even if your answers are exactly what is socially perceived as a good answer. There is absolutely no way you are going to pass the screen test with flying colours.

Taking this into account, and if you agree with this opinion, the answer to handling online dating interview questions is blatantly obvious. You simply don’t give a straight answer. So here are the 7 most common questions women ask online (in one way or another) and how to answer them. Please learn the structure of these answers instead of copying word-for-word. Smileys are important.

1) How old are you? This is as robotic as it gets. Your age is clearly stated in your dating profile. Women sees it. They are just pretending to be too busy to even read the number beside your user name. Do you see the social game being played here? By pretending not to even notice your age which is clearly stated, they are framing themselves as the prize.

Answer: I’m old enough to be your daddy. You look too young to be here. Are you sure you have your parents consent to come here? :P

2) I can’t see you clearly. Can you upload another picture? This is another BS. No matter how good you look in your other photos which you are considering to upload, it is not going to be a game-maker or game-breaker. If you already have a good picture online, the odds are that she finds you attractive and just want to see another picture to please herself and make you do something for her. But the thing is if you do show her another image of you frolicking on the beach, you might actually turn her off. You are behaving like a puppy. Meet her in person if she wants to see more.

Answer: I know you want to put my picture on your phone as wallpaper. But I really think it is a little too soon for that. You are a little creepy.

3) What do you do? The kind of answer she is expecting is banker, accountant, engineer, I.T, H.R, plumber, toilet cleaner, etc. Again, no matter what your occupation is, your answer is not going to satisfy her. It is how you answer it which will generate interest and attraction. Do you really think that telling her that you are a banker will make her squeal with joy? NO. It will only give women the satisfaction to put another checkmark beside the screening test. When you give a direct answer, you will only be putting yourself under a category in her mind. As you really do not know what is going to please her, which she may not know herself, your best move is to be vague. Hey women do this all the time, you can do it too.

Answer: I’m a film director. But I really don’t want to talk about it after office hours. You can call me during office hours if you want to know more about what I do. :P

4) How much money do you make? This is such a turn off for us. Here we are looking for the love of our life online… and we run into hot women who are going to judge us by how much money we make. And women say that we are only interested in boobs… :S This is your chance to bust her balls big time. Let’s be honest. How much money you make does not matter unless you are already planning for marriage. And that is a little too far ahead to think about. Women ask this question because they just have to. It really does not matter to her if she is only looking at dating. If a woman is looking for marriage online, it’s your cue to run.

Answer: Oh funny you asked. I make $2 a day flushing toilets. In fact I would gladly accept your donations if you are a charitable person. :P

5) How many women have you dated online? This is a trick question where any answer you give will be accompanied with a demerit point. If you answer 10, she will think that you are a hardcore player. If you answer 1, she will think that you are a wanking loser. If you answer 5, she will think that she is part of your journey to 10. If you have been providing these answers, you have to wise up fast to succeed in online dating.

Answer: Oh I date about 5 a day… and I have been here for about a month… so that makes… 150?

6) Why are you here? Another crap question. The point is we are all here to date. Isn’t that obvious? Again, there is no correct answer to this. If you say that you been doing this for a while, she will think that you are wanking loser who cannot get a girl in the real world. If you say that you just joined, she will think that you have led a lonely life and finally mustered the courage to put up an online profile because watching internet porn every night is too miserable. If you say that you are just trying it out, she will think that you are hiding the fact the that you are unable to meet women in the real world.

Answer: … what do you think?

7) Want to come out now? Trick question. No women of quality will be spontaneous enough to meet up with a stranger she just met online unless you are talking about casual sex websites. If you say “Yes! Let’s meet up now!”. I am sure that she will respond with something like “I’m just kidding. It already so late at his hour.” By agreeing, you have already verified yourself to her that you are a predator waiting for an opportunity to strike. Reply with the classic line.

Answer: Are you kidding? I hardly even know you. Let’s get to know each other better first :P

There are many more questions that women ask as a protocol in screening men. They are just trying to protect themselves and finding the most efficient way to filter out the dirt. Please don’t take it personally. The irony is that if you do play along with the question game directly, you become the dirt that will be filtered out. So play it cool and don’t feel an obligation to give women straight answers to their question when it comes to online dating.

If you want more cutting edge stuff for online dating success, check out this online dating guide.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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