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Online Dating Advice – Getting Noticed With Your Online Dating Profile Pictures

By on November 11, 2010
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Your dating online profile shows women that you are more than meets the eye. However, it will be internet dating suicide if you are to ignore how important online profile pictures are. You are just 1 guy out of thousands of single men looking for attention in the online dating world.

Because of the simple volume of men loitering online looking for women, women tend to skip scan through profiles at the speed of thought. That means that if you don’t manage to create interest in that split second where a woman has looked at your online profile, you are gone forever. Of course there is also a huge volume of women online dating men. But you would want to maximize your opportunities when they come by by posting picture that create interest and intrigue from women. You want them to look into you further and have a desire to want to get to know you.

While women can appear hot in just 1 instead of many profile pictures just by looking slutty and showing some cleavage, the game is very different for men when it comes to online dating profile pictures. You cannot get away with looking macho and showing a little butt crack. The fact is no matter how cool you are in your dating online profile, it will authenticate you are a weirdo freak if you look like one in your online profile pictures.

Here are some online dating profile tips for your profile pictures.

1) While there is mass acceptance that women like to see men smile,be mindful that there is only 1 kind of smile that can hit your internet dating jackpot. And I don’t believe that you can pull it off unless you have a professional photographer taking profiles pictures for you. When you first meet a real women physically, your smile is not captured in a picture eternally. So smiling in person will not make you look like a clown. Whereas, to smile for a profile static picture, you have to pull off that James Bond “I can have you anytime but I don’t need you now” look. A fake smile will be even worst than a smile. Be safe and don’t smile.

So don’t smile in your online pictures. At most you can have 1 good one, provided its a good picture. And don’t have it as your feature profile picture.

2) A biggie mistake that single men make with the profile pictures is having bad lighting. No matter how you look like, you CAN look great if the lighting is good. I’m not a photographer and can’t possibly explain how lighting works. But do remember that if you have taken an amateur profile picture yourself and it does not look good, change the lighting position and brightness and try taking it again.

3) Make sure your face can clearly be seen in at least one your profile pictures. I don’t mean your whole face has to be seen. What I mean is if you have a side view, your face can be seen clearly, the same with a front view. Hiding your face pretending to be mysterious will just make you look like you have something to hide. If you have to, just don’t use that as your feature profile picture. Make sure your online pictures don’t show shiny skin.

4) Men are always tempted to showcase their personalities in their profile pictures. You can do that but don’t do something too extreme like pumping weights at the gym. That is just showing off, appearing desperate to impress.

5) You will also want to show that you are social and have friends. Pictures of you partying hardcore will not impress women who don’t party like you do. You can instead have photos of you socializing with friends of BOTH sexes at a chill out lounge. Communicating your lifestyle in your profile pictures can leave women curious of what kind of fun lifestyle you live by.

6) You may have a body of a world class athletic with abs that resemble a tray of eggs. Be mindful of showing them off. Younger women may squirt from seeing your  hard abs, but older women will just see that as you behaving like a child even though they want a piece of you. It’s what you communicate by showing them off in your dating profile pictures that make the difference. The act of advertising yourself like a billboard can instantly make older women go “ewwww”.

7) The best profile pictures tend to be those that has no eye contact. Do not look directly at the camera. It would be great if you can appear to be candid while looking great in your picture online.

8 ) Don’t use a picture taken while you were in high school as your feature profile picture, unless you are actually currently in high school. Don’t use group photos you took while on a guided group tour in Eastern Europe. You may also be tempted to use that business wear photo you put on your business card. But your are not trying to sell a piece of property here.

9) Never use black and white pictures.

10) If you are into technical stuff and really want that professional profile picture, check out the findings in great article about a research conducted by okCupid.

You want to maximize your chance when women checks out online dating profile pictures. A good picture can only enhance your odds of meeting more women online who may just turn out to be the one for you. So make an effort with you profile pictures and get noticed.

If you want more cutting edge stuff for online dating success, check out this online dating guide – The Online Game.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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