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5 Bad Boy Qualities That Women Just Can’t Get Enough Of

By on November 13, 2013
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Bad boys appeal much more to women compared nice guys as they are seldom boring and they bring emotions into the picture. Nice guys bring a jigsaw puzzle. Even if bad boys bring bad emotions by hurting women, they are still able to make women feel something.

They make dating adventurous where they can totally lose their self-consciousness and have fun. Bad boys can also abuse women so badly that some even think about suicide. I had a friend who threatened to jump from the ledge due to issues with a bad boy.

Do you see the connection here? Nice guys appeal to the logical mind of women’s which is what women think. While bad boys appeal to the emotional side of women emotions which is what they feel. Women are much more likely to attracted to men who can arouse their feelings even when logic tells them repeatedly not to.

Do you notice how it takes long it usually takes for a woman to completely leave a bad boy? That says something doesn’t it? Once a girl is attracted to a guy, she will justify to herself relentlessly why she should stick with him even if she is getting abused continuously. This is because a bad boy is able to arouse their feelings and awaken the animal inside women.

Women long for the type of men who are able to awaken the animal inside them.

Bad boys are very good at leading women through the dating process from start to finish. In fact, many times I have seen them jump straight to the end just like playing some sort of board game. Nice guys however, usually find it hard to even get past the second phase of the dating process.

However, women who fall head over heels over bad boys are usually messed-up emotionally. They are low on self-esteem and they would settle for any guy who would move them through the dating process.

Quality women who somehow end up with them, always wake up up very fast and leave them behind.

Some of the attractive qualities that bad boys have are:

1) Unpredictable. Nobody would voluntarily enter a relationship when it is obvious that the guy is boring when there are better options aplenty. Bad boys are adventurous and spontaneous. These qualities make them fun to be with and often create fond memories. Adventure can be so addictive that women will want more once they had a taste of what a bad boy can bring to her life.

2) Selfish. The bad boy is a selfish prick. He is able to do things that purposely screw up someone else in order for this own gain. In contrast to what many people believe, selfishness can be very attractive when it is done right. It gives women a sense that the bad boy has what it takes to provide for her no matter what the obstacles.

3) Independent. A bad boy takes care of himself and is, more often than not, loyal to his social group. He gives the impression that he needs nothing from everyone around him. Women want to win him over so that they can use him as a trophy.

4) Opinionated. The bad boy always has his own opinions and is not afraid to say them to make their point. Done in the right manner, women can perceive this as being confident, being sure of himself, and being his own man.

5) Superiority. Because bad boys in a way, “bullies” others (Most of the time, nice guys are the victims), they project a perception of superiority and power over other men.

Just take note that these are the main dating tricks that you will encounter if you ever get into a all out competition with bad boys. There is actually a program create specifically on how to be attractive by being badass. It is the Tao of Badass.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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