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7 Alpha Characteristics That Tell Women You Are Worth Their Time

By on March 21, 2014
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By not acting on any behaviors which implies that you are beta, you may find that very often, it
is good enough for women to have an interest in you. They are not able to put a finger on
you as the type of men they often run into are always screwing up on dates.
Sometimes women might even find it good enough to get in bed with you based on
you not validating yourself as a beta male.

But after all, being an alpha is what this site is about. Being a real man will
improve your success with women many times. A dominant act of alpha-ness alone can ignite attraction uncontrollably.
When you apply many, or all of the tips on this site, we are talking about all out annihilation.

Women are surrounded by beta males most of the time. They encounter alpha males who are sure of themselves very often.

The best part is that even when they have alpha men around,
They are little competition when you have useful tricks and techniques up your sleeves.
I have friends who are alpha. But they can turn beta in a blink of an eye when they run into beautiful women.

Here are some alpha male characteristics that will help you be perceived as more alpha.

1) Dominance. Women don’t like their friends to be dominant.
So much so that you might think that being dominant is a big turn-off to women.
But that is so wrong. Women want their men to be dominant. In fact,
they might only find men with a degree of dominance attractive.
You can start asking people to do favors and things for you. And do it
with a total sense of conviction that they will listen. Although being dominant
does not necessarily make you an alpha, an alpha male will definitely be dominant.

2) Authenticity. A lack of congruence can scare women away as they find it creepy.
When you are not at peace with who are are inside, it is very often that you
find yourself in the congruence trap. You start looking like someone with a hidden agenda.
And we all know that that is a big “no no” when it comes to dating.
If you wish to play the role of a nice guy, don’t have any naughty thoughts in your head.
Women are very intuitive(at least that’s what they claim) and can easily pick up on that.

3) Inner strength. You might think that muscles are the ultimate demonstration of strength.
But that is not as important as having inner strength.
People who are strong on the inside are able to hold their opinions even
when everyone else disagrees. Even when they are wrong, they are respected for sticking to their guns.
Women need men who are strong mentally. There is only enough space for one emotional wreck
in a relationship. That that job is usually reserved for women.

4) Have a purpose. Even if you can hardly get by with your day job,
it is not a reflection of what you will be in future.
Things can change. And the number 1 element needed for change to be possible
is having a passion or purpose. This is a quality that successful people have
before they hit the big time. So you need to live it up to show it.

5) Protectors. Alpha man are expected to take care of the people round them.
After all, followers do not follow just for the title.
You need to look out for your friends and colleagues around you.
When you start feeling that you are responsible for your group as
a whole, you are slowly starting to embed the alpha mentality in your head.

6) Calmness. Be calm in the things you do and the way you respond to others.
Sometimes, things change so fast that you are caught off guard. You get disorientated.
And that is when you are most vulnerable to displaying your beta-ness.
Be in control of yourself. But don’t let this make you a pushover.

7) Nothing to hide. The worst type of life to live is one that is a lie.
If you find that you are constantly lying to get by, you have to start changing.
Even if it is just a little fun that you re enjoying, it does not impress women at all.
You give the impression that you have things to hide. And how can you enjoy life
when you cannot be open about the things that you do. Any women would think
twice before getting involved with someone who always avoid even the most
simple of questions.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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