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Getting Women Hooked On Attraction And Reeling Them In

By on October 7, 2010
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One of the most important concepts that totally shifted my paradigm on how dating works is that women cannot logically choose whether to feel attraction for you or not.

This gave me confidence to go into any interaction knowing that it is in fact my choice to make women feel attraction for me since I have a number of tools that can generate attraction.

The most powerful tool by far is by sending mixed signals.

By the way, women send men mixed signals all the time. They can kiss you now and tell you later that they see you as just a friend later. They can talk dirty with you and tell you later to stop behaving like a sexual pervert. They can also “allow” you to throw your money at them as if they are already your girlfriend and later flatten your manhood by saying that she needs time to consider being with you. If you call women out on their bluff, they will tell you that they have no idea what you are talking about.

Whatever how they are aware of what they are doing, there are no rules that states that men cannot play the game as well. So if you have any mental block about playing these games with women, lose that block. It’s just flirting.

If you have ever had an interaction with a hot girl, you might find it familiar that they always make you think that you are out of their league. This make you want them more. If you are lucky , these hot girls may make you imagine how slick you would look with them in your arms.

Then they can flirt with you verbally and physically to make you think that you actually have a chance with them. The more convinced that you can close the deal, the more you want that her. So when you finally wake up from the illusion that you can seal the deal with her, you you end up watching internet porn alone later that night. Suddenly, that woman becomes your dream girl.

You think about her all the time, and try every possible way to initiated another interaction with her. The more she turns you away, the more you want her. You were SO CLOSE to making her your girlfriend…

That is a very common scenario that plays out every day.

What if i tell you that you can make a woman go crazy about you just like how I described?

It’s really a very simple 2 step process.

1) Make her think that you like her

2) The make her think that you DON’T like her

A very common mistake men make with women is to go all out to proof their adoration for a woman they want. They do not communicate even a whisker of not liking her. This does not generate attraction. If anything, it only makes men perceived as boring and not a challenge.

Another way to say this is to make yourself seem available to the woman you want, then make yourself seem unavailable to her.

This concept can be applied in many ways.

Examples :

– Tell her you find her sexy, and later tell her that she’s not the kind of woman you are looking for

– Chat with her on Instant Messenger, and refuse to meet up with her for coffee

– Hug her and indulge in deep conversation, then ignore her later and refuse to hug her on saying goodbye

– Send her a message out of nowhere to ask about her day, and do not respond to her reply

– Tell her she has great hair, and later tell her that her shoes look weird

Applying the mixed signals concept can drive a woman crazy about you. They are in my opinion the most powerful technique that can drive irrational attraction from women. They won’t even know what hit them.

Yesterday I called a woman I went out with once. I talked to her as if I had a lot of stuff to chat with her about. In less than a minute, I told her that I was busy and I’ll talk to her later. Of course I didn’t call her after that. 😛 “Later” can mean another time. But she messaged me at 3 in the morning gleefully saying that she is waiting for my call.

You see how powerful this is?

And because men let women do this effectively on them all the time, women have become accustomed to men being on the receiving end. So women can have a much lower defense on techniques like this. They have not built a natural resistance against it.

Do not abuse this power 😛

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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