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The BIGGEST Step For Success With Women

By on August 17, 2010
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You may have this in your head all the time… but never shared it with anyone. Especially those that are closest to you. I want you to think about it. And be honest in facing it.

There is a cute girl you fancy. And you have good reason to think that she fancies you too. Her contagious laugh caught your attention in class. You ask her out for a movie and you guys have a great time just enjoying each other’s company. You talk about life, your past, ambitions and what scares you…

Last week you had the most unforgettable time at Universal Studios. Her smile is embedded in your mind and you just can’t disable it with a fancy javascript. The next step is to move forward to a more intimate relationship. But the nice guy persona you have put up refuses to let you move forward because you THINK that that will totally screw up the image that you have created in her mind.

You finally feel that things are going stale like leftover sashimi.

Your best friend who happens to be a ladies man notices your situation and advices you what you should do. His advice seem to make sense BUT you just cannot bring yourself to do them because you have trapped yourself in your own NICE GUY image that you THINK you have created for yourself.

You write off the advice from a proven ladies man… and do nothing… Nothing is going to happen for you now. Your cute “girlfriend” distances herself and you are back to square one. You think about her in the shower everyday. The advice now seems to make perfect sense. You have lost everything. You couldn’t lose more if you had given it a shot. Looking at how much you lost, even an evil casino wouldn’t give you a credit line.

For many of us guys, these frustrations and agony can keep us up all night and feel EMPTY when we wake up. If you have had this experience, I can relate. I remember that feeling of emptiness. And it ignited me on a personal mission to NEVER feel that again.

You know the feeling when you wake up in the morning and realize that you have NOTHING to look forward to? It sucks big time, doesn’t it?

The sad thing is that most men never own up to what went wrong and refuse to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Now let me ask you.

If you want to drive around looking cool in a sports car, what do you do?

You take driving lessons from a driving instructor. Put faith in his teachings to help you get that license to drive.

When you want to dive to check out the beautiful corals in the Maldives, what do you do?

You learn how to dive from instructors to at least learn the basics for diving. Those instructions can save your life when you actually go diving.

When you have that final paper to finally get you a Bachelor’s Degree, what do you do?

You attend classes to absorb whatever you can squeeze out from the brains of your tutor.

So when you want to get that girl you want, what do you do?

You jump in imitating the nice guy you saw in the movies and hope that she will give you a mercy fuck… She will eventually succumb to your nice guy traits and be with you out of pity… Just like in the movies.

Why do most men go about it alone when it comes to getting that girl they REALLY want? Why do they rather remain DATELESS than seek helpful advice?

Are you ready for it? Here it comes.

Because they THINK that seeking help when it comes to dating seems weak and unmanly. Having to depend on dating advice from other men makes men feel inferior to other men. And it triggers a primal FEAR of vulnerability. The shame of needing dating advice is indeed too hot for most men to handle. So they go about with their own movie “thing” and never get anywhere close to what they really want.

I’ve seen these stuff happen in real life. Friends ask me for advice but refused to use them using excuses like the advice is too “far out”. But the real secret issues is that FEAR of self admitting that they need help. The self admission that they are inferior. The internal agony of discovering that the whole dating process they have learned throughout their lives are nothing but a lemon. And all these only happens in their own heads.

No one around them really cares! It’s all in their own heads!

So most men instead CHOOSE to live in denial and be DATELESS. I’ve been there. I finally broke out of my shell when the EMPTINESS I felt waking up one morning overwhelmed me. I couldn’t get up. There was no reason to and nothing to look forward to.

Be a man. Own up and accept help.

Have you heard someone say something in the lines of “Any man that needs advice from someone else on dating has no hope”?

These guys are either, too insecure with themselves or has women around them by the bucket loads. They see dating behavior as something that is rightfully and supposedly instinctive. So the need to seek dating advice hits a primal level of FEAR that they are not “normal”.

Look at it this way.

When you go about a new job and don’t know about the product details, what do you do? You seek the help of you helpful colleagues who wants to help you quickly get up to speed. The ones who refuse to help you learn the ropes are most probably those that you should be aware of sabotaging you new career move. You wonder if they see you as a threat to steal their lollipops.

When you stop being ashamed of seeking help regarding success with women, you will find that there is a lot of ladies men out there who are willing to offer their advice.

Be a man and be open to dating tips from other men… instead of going without any dates to feed your own ego.

Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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