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How To Deal With A Drama Queen

By on November 5, 2010
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A common situation men face when they meet attractive women is how to deal with a drama queen. Drama queens come in many forms and are very present in women who are ONLY physically attractive. They have a self perception that the only thing they need to offer men is their beauty and that real life is like a drama series on STAR channel. To feel alive, they have to LIVE those dramas they see on television. So these women create these ridiculous dramas to experience the drama and reactions of the men around them.
It’s a weird thing that most men play along with their drama to seek rapport with these drama queens. They actually feel more invested to these women when they play along as drama king. Depending on how much you like drama, it can be a real headache to have a fully fledged drama queen with you.

Soon after you play along with the drama and THINK that you have made a connection with the woman you want, you start to wonder why she has suddenly become too busy to see you…

Want to know what happened?

She don’t need another girlfriend to play drama with her. She needs a real man. She has knowingly or unknowingly tested you and you have failed terribly if you had indeed played along seriously with her game of drama. She starts to suspect whether you are a real man who she can depend on when she gets into an emotional mess every month. You have just demonstrated to her that you are NOT.

When you get drama thrown in your face, it is important to recognize that. In fact, any situation may be classified as drama as long as you are not 100% certain that it is real. Even if the drama is real, it is much more harmful to your chances to score with her to play along with her “fake” drama than to not play along with her REAL drama. She will justify that you are a man and not expected understand her female psyche.

Always stay calm and don’t react to drama. Do not engage her drama. You may even bust her balls by framing her as being a spoiled brat. Make fun of her without insulting her. You may be tempted to use powerful words to put her down. Don’t. You may end up with a bigger problem if you insult her unknowingly. When you do this, it is important that you hold your frame powerfully and not apologize later. When you apologize for busting her, you will be perceived as an even bigger wuss in her mind.

Move on fast. Don’t dwell on her drama or her resistance to your nonchalance.

Don’t try or even attempt to try to solve her problems in the drama. Nothing can solve their problems. Women use fancy problems as an excuse to throw up drama and feel alive. They don’t need you to solve her problems. They just want to experience the same things that the beautiful female actresses feel in the drama series they play on cable television. This is so that they will feel some affiliation to the beauties they see on television.

I cannot say enough of how much mass media has shaped the dating game. Women can feel that a man has no intent to sleep with her just because he didn’t buy her a fancy dinner. And they get this idea because when the beautiful couples fall in love on television, the man buys the woman fancy dinners…

If you are one of those men who would entertain her drama, set your boundaries on the extent you are willing to play along. You are saving yourself from frequent headaches. If drama extends beyond what you are willing to entertain, say “that’s enough drama for today”. Then move on.

If you find out that this woman you are dating is just too much drama for you, and she does not get the hint that you are finding it a turn-off, it may be time to end the relationship. Don’t take these kinds of crap from women. She may make a comeback with an emotional blackmail shotgun by saying that if you really love her, you will accept and relate to her drama for who she is…

Remember to tell her that she is too good for you. She belongs in Hollywood.

Drama queens come in all forms and this includes women and men of all ages. Dealing with a drama queen isn’t as difficult as one would think. All you need is to plan ahead, set some boundaries, and remain calm as you deal with a drama queen. Follow the steps below if you want to mellow out a drama queenRead more: How to Deal With a Drama Queen |

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