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The Number 1 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy To Being A LONELY Dateless Single

By on August 17, 2010
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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The woman in the picture may be a high quality woman to me, while just a low form pest to you. It really is not up to anyone to decide what is attractive to you and what is not.

While I was in school, I was not looking for a FHM cover girl kind of girlfriend. All I wanted was that cute chick who sits next to the FAT one at the back of the class. It didn’t matter to me that she wore wooden framed spectacles and looked like a total dork.

But I couldn’t get close to her. Other than having to constantly strategize a way around a FAT obstacle, I chickened out everytime I had a chance to talk to her.

I was sure that she wanted a NICE guy. And I was doing my best to appear EXTRA nice. The funny thing was that she fell for the same bad boy as the hot girls in campus. 🙁

Something was at work back then… And it is still at work NOW.

When a woman feels ATTRACTION for you, everything else is a blur. When attraction is intense enough, every little noticeable flaw receives a pass and totally ignored.

I can see real life evidence of this just by taking a walk at the mall. Women of exceptional beauty can be observed clinging to their “normal” boyfriends. Heck if being special in my own right means offering my manhood a life of loneliness, I’d rather be “normal”.

The key takeaway is that no matter if you are a nice guy or a bad boy, woman will do wicked things to you (you know you want her to) if she feels ATTRACTION for you.

So what are woman attracted to?

To be clear, they are not attracted to nice guys or bad boys. Women are attracted to how a man can make her feel. And those feelings are triggered by certain qualities and behaviors that makes men men.

The thing is these days, men are not behaving like men. They act like pussies… and that is a total TURN OFF to women. especially those of particular quality. Pussy behavior is so mainstream now that a LACK of them is enough to stand out from a crowd of DATELESS self-declaring pussies.

Then what is the number 1 thing to eliminate from yourself?

This 1 thing will totally change your dating… or rather dateless life… And it is regarding your FEAR.

In other words, your lack of FEAR can make women go gaga over you.

Most men fear that women will not like them, they fear they will get humiliated by rejection. What hurts most is when every other guy in campus knows that you made a move and was dismissed like a waiter serving a wrong order… And this was what happened to me with the dorky girl back in school days. I made excuses for myself about not being tall enough, not attractive enough, not cool enough, and disturbingly… not BAD enough…

The truth is… I felt fear. And that was the one thing that immobilized me from making a BOLD move. There is really nothing to FEAR. Nobody is going to blow you with a shotgun. And more importantly, nobody CARES whether you screw up or not.

This was how I overcome my fear

1)      Make friends with men who has no fear chatting up beautiful women

2)      Start going out with your female friends. Be the only guy

3)      Always be prepared to handle radical behavior

The truth is, women can pick up on the fear you feel. And when they do, your masculinity in her eyes are compromised. But when you have no fear… women will feel intrigue and attraction for you as you are displaying a key quality of being men.

I think you KNOW that fear is a big, if not the biggest obstacle to overcome. Don’t sweat on it. If you have the will to overcome it, eventually, you will find your own personal formula to do it.

Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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