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Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Wants To Move On… And How You Can Too

By on January 10, 2015
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Breakups are never easy—before, during, or after. Amicable or terrible. It’s the same thing.

If your breakup was devastating and mainly because of what you did, then it is expected that your ex girlfriend hates you.

This establishes the cold treatment or the nasty words from her.

It becomes awkward whenever the two of you end up in the same floor of a building or room. She either ignores you or just walks towards another direction as quickly as she can.

Sometimes, when the opportunity presents itself, she ends up talking to you, only to tell you how happy she is, now that you’re out of her life.

She even goes out of her way to flirt with other men when you’re around. Your ex girlfriend hates you and just wants you gone. She always faces you with anger, resentment, hostility, and vindictiveness.

Here are some of the reasons why your ex girlfriend doesn’t want to acknowledge your existence anymore:

1) She wants you to leave her alone

Perhaps you are having a difficult time accepting that she ended the relationship. She feels that you are still denying the fact that it is over.

Even if she made it clear to you and to your friends, you still do your best to be part of her life and this extremely irritates her.

2) She feels guilty for breaking up with you and she feels sorry for you at the same time

Guilt overwhelms her because she broke up with you, even though you were still in love with her.

She may be seeing herself as the bad one in the breakup.

She feels pity for you because you went through the process of re-inserting yourself into her life, even when she doesn’t want you in it anymore.

The combination of pity and guilt make her very angry at you because you’re the reason why she feels those emotions.

3) She could still have feelings for you

It is also possible that she uses anger to show you that she is feeling something that she doesn’t want to feel anymore.

Conflicted feelings may be eating her up.

Every single negative reaction to you may be evidence of this. If she does have lingering feelings for you, then there can be gaps to her anger. Yet when there aren’t any caring breaks, she just wants you completely out of her life.

4) She may be controlling you

Control may be the main intent in what she is doing to you.

Whenever she is cruel to you, she gains satisfaction in knowing that she can control how you feel, even if it is over.

She may also think of your reactions to her cruelty as signs of your enduring love for her.

This makes her happy, which is why she keeps on doing things to manifest anger at you.

If your ex is showing you just how much she hates you, it is always best to look at yourself. She may just be showing you how much you hurt her, especially if you have always known her as a caring person.

Time to move on

Or you could wake up one morning and finally decide that your ordeal is over.

It is time for you to get up and move on.

You need to love yourself for a change, since you have poured out your entire self over your ex.

Stop and smell the roses!

There are many available women are out there and you know you could join in their fun if you meet them.

Your level of confidence goes up to unimaginable levels; once you have other women gravitate to you.

Women know what they want and if you have it, they will always seek your company. Any man can have the x-factor that women crave for.

All you have to do is be open to the idea of changing some aspects of your personality and be ready to become the alpha.

Be the chick magnet this time!

move on from ex girlfriend1) Learn to approach women during the day

Most men choose to make their move at night, in clubs or bars. It flatters women if the man actually approaches them during the day.

Here, confidence radiates from you and that is very attractive to them.

You just have to choose your words well, so that you won’t appear like you’re stalking them.

A helpful hint would be never to start your line with “I was watching you from over there”.

2) Say something different

Be unconventional when you start a conversation. Maneuver it towards her and not you.

This makes women think of you as a man who focuses on them.

Most men start with asking questions that sound like they’re conducting a job interview. Steer away from this and make her interested in you.

3) Pretend to be pressed with time

You can always consider this tactic, especially when you have a beautiful woman engaged in a conversation with you during the day.

Tell her you want to get to know her more, but you just have to be with some friends at that moment.

This can help you set up a date with her and get her number as well.

4) Make her more engaged

Women also like to talk about their interests.

If you want to make her feel that you’re a man who focuses on what she needs and wants, then you should allow her to talk.

Be interested in what she’s saying and this just might end up in a date or an unexpected night cap.

5) Exude confidence.

Confidence is always a plus. Beautiful women find it very attractive.

You have to let them know that you are a go-getter and that you can do anything for them.

Be careful in pulling this off, though. It is true that confidence is attractive, but overdoing it can make you look like an egomaniac. Be confident without being rude. Be confident enough to be the perfect gentle man in a crowd of chauvinistic losers.

That is what women want.

Attract the women you want and don’t wallow in sadness over your finished relationship. Have fun and while doing so, be ready to meet the true woman who could complete you.

If you intend to win her back instead of getting over her, check out this system that men have used to get their girlfriend come crawling back.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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