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Being A Serial Stalker To Attract Women’s Attention

By on August 23, 2010
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Sometimes you don't even know that you are stalker her
So you have identified the woman you want to give you a sensual massage in her Ferrari red lingerie. She is just across the buffet table at the seminar you are attending. You realize that she is a friend of your 2 minute friend you just made at the seminar. Categorizing her as a legitimate down line is justified… be it a very long shot. You will get a chance to talk to her with a legitimate pretense… Here she comes

How do you not SCREW this up?

I’ve seen grown men literally salivate from a mouth leak in these situations. You simply don’t know what to do when such a genetic specimen comes up to ACTUALLY interact with you. You have that ONE chance. But you can feel you genes feel somewhat inferior… You chat with her… answer her questions… make lame attempts to carry on the conversation…

Then she walks away graciously… secretly thinking that you may turn out to be a stalker… you KNOW that you have SCREWED up. The opportunity took you by surprise. You were not prepared. Your chance is gone FOREVER.

You wonder what kind of a man would deserve the affection of such a perfect woman.

How do you not SCREW this up?

Let’s take a little look at the female psyche.

Women of exceptional beauty KNOWS that they are beautiful. They have had encounters even before they hit puberty with various “stalkers” who would offer newspaper wrapped bananas just to be in her presence. It is therefore no surprise that women, especially those of beauty will develop efficient tests to screen out unworthy men and stalkers within 2 minutes. Men are queuing for her touch like a new iPhone launch…

If you don’t give her a quick impression that you are NOT another green banana, you will be CATEGORIZED as one. And she will thank you in her heart for not wasting her time. Relief is her morphine high from being able to put you under a category.

In situations where you can only make a quick impression (which happens very often), your objective is to NOT be categorized as a creepy stalker who just wants to have a look down her dress.

You don’t have to give her the impression that you are a great guy. You don’t have to be Superman hiding under the jacket. You don’t have to tell her you drive a sports car. You don’t have to tell her you own a high value real estate in town. And you certainly don’t have to tell her that you have been waiting for her to show up for the last 20 years…

How do you stop her from writing you off as a playmate within 2 minutes of meeting you? By denying her the pleasure of categorizing you.

Scramble her interrogation tests. Be a mystery. Now, you have to be careful when playing a mystery. Because if your mysterious persona makes her feel like you are slippery as a stalking salamander, you will be categorized as SALAMANDER man. It doesn’t matter if you are a mama’s boy who still use’s mummy’s shampoo… if your mysterious way makes her perceive you as a stalker, you BECOME a stalker in her mind.

So please. Don’t act like you have something to hide  or give out an uncomfortable shady vibe. That will guarantee failure.

Alright here it is.

How do you be the mystery that she feels compelled to solve?

It is very typical of women to ask you questions from her basic checklist. One of the sure questions is “What do you do?”.

To help you get a feel of what I’m talking about, here are more typical qualifying checklist questions women will throw at you

“How old are you?”

“What do you do in your free time?”

“How many girlfriends have you had?”

“How long have you been doing what you do?”

So when women ask you any checklist questions to dig out more information about you, do one or all of these things.

1)      Ignore her question and ask her about one of her accessories.

2)      Answer with something absolutely absurd that she can definitely KNOW that it is not true.

3)      Tell her that her questioning resembles your mother, interviewer, boss, etc. Skip her question and move on.

These 3 tricks is enough to move you forward and prevent her from categorizing you. She may not even be able to be her usual self that night just because she cannot close the lid on which category you belong to. She simple cannot categorize you because there is no reliable information to do that.

Don’t be surprised when she comes back to you later. 😛

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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