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7 Mistakes That Will Screw Up Your Chances With Women You’ve Just Met

By on October 21, 2010
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As long as a woman is average in looks, you can bet that there are a few suitors waiting on the wings for her affection. This is based on her looks alone. If we add into account a fun personality (which can be a bigger attraction factor), the number of men waiting on her can easily double…. Even for fat chicks. I’ve run into quiet a few fat chicks who have lines of men queuing up to buy her dinner. These fat chicks are bigger players than buff men with model looks.

Let’s put this equation together.

Women with good looks and NO PERSONALITY whatsoever get hordes of men offering their bananas.

Women with average looks and NO PERSONALITY whatsoever get swarms of men offering their nectar.

Fat chicks with personality get herds of men waiting on them like a premium restaurant.

Women with good looks and PERSONALITY get at least double the number of chodes offering their life savings just for the hope of a kiss.

Women with average looks and PERSONALITY also have at least double the number of chumps snapping off on her pictures late into the night.

Women can sit back and let their self-generating prospect pipeline run itself to the ground with new leads everyday. While men with good looks and great personality can actually be a single virgin because they have yet to resolve their inner issues and had never mustered the courage to approach a girl he wants.

The point I want to underline is that women have far more choices of men than men with women. They can sit back and still enjoy the attention from men. So it is inevitable that women filter men like charcoal to odor. Women after all only need 1 man at any one time. Even when a quality man got filtered out by her, it doesn’t really matter. The constant pipeline of bananas will continue to keep her appetite contented.

Usually a woman can disqualify you as a potential mate within seconds of the first meeting.

These are 7 mistakes that you can make to get caught in her filter net. Don’t be surprised when she actually encourages you to screw up and jump voluntarily into the net.

1) Show that you have little self worth. Although arousing PITY can attract women with deep issues, I doubt that you want a woman who can only see a commonality of pity with you. So don’t talk about how you have been hung out to dry in your past relationships. Don’t say that you feel that you don’t deserve her, and don’t say that she probably deserves someone better. You will be only kicking yourself in the nuts.

2) Show your interest too fast. You need to be won over by her effort. If she can have you voluntarily wanting to be her man slave just by being beautiful… guess what? She probably already has a whole queue of similar men waiting for her approval. So do not show your interest until she has done something to deserve it.

3) Women can be emotional wrecks. They want men who has “got it together”. A man who KNOWS that he has “got it together” and doesn’t need others to validate it. Don’t give a fuck of what other people think of you. Showing that you are affected when other people undermine you is a clear sign that you have weak inner strength. Women will think that they cannot depend on you to be their pillar of strength when you are required to be.

4) Don’t chase her for approval. Following her around like a CCTV will only creep her out. You may think that you are showcasing your ability to be around her when she need you. You want to be there to take advantage of the 2 minutes she has while waiting for a cubicle to be vacant. But you are only showing that you have nothing better to do with your time and your world revolves around her.

5) Treat her like a princess before she has earned it. Just last week I dated a woman after her date with another guy. She had dinner with him and looked me up for after hour drinks. When I picked her up, she brought a huge branded paper bag with her into my ride. There was an expensive handbag inside. It was a gift from the guy from dinner. She asked me how to politely reject the advances of that guy. He was just too nice. Don’t be a slave to woman just for them being beautiful.

6) Be ordered around by her like a subordinate. Never entertain request from women that is out of your way. You can help her drop a letter into the mailbox if it’s convenient. But if she demands that you go buy her favorite drink from across the hall and bring it to her to show that you deserve her attention, you better show her your balls and spank her. You are a man and has a lot of more meaningful stuff that can contribute to her life.

7) Not maintaining eye contact when you talk. This is a biggie. Never be afraid to look at women in their eyes when talking to them. Doing so shows that you are submissive and weak. They want a man, not a wuss.

When you have just met a woman, you have yet to make an impact or showcase your qualities as a man to her. It is very easy for women to write you off within the seconds of meeting you. They have to do that to efficiently screen out weak men who are hitting on her in huge volumes.

Keep these mistakes in mind to avoid her filters.

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Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You
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