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How Becoming Mr Right Can Kill Off Your Chances With Women

By on September 16, 2010

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You hear women talking about meeting Mr Right all the time. He is someone that lives in their imaginary penthouse right smack in the heart of town. He drives a fancy sports car and runs a property empire that threatens Donald Trump. Everyone will envy the woman that he is with while he does volunteer work at the local charity. He has never had a fling and has a suspicion of royal blood in him. On top of it all, he is a complete gentleman and dotes on her like a princess while doing every little thing at her command… even the laundry…

He is hopelessly in love with her just by being in her presence, never asking for anything in return. The greatest gift she will only need to give him is allowing him to buy her a fancy dinner whenever she finds time out from her packed clubbing schedule. He carries her shopping bags and lay flat on puddles for her to walk over. He also finds pleasure when she slaps him for mouthing a word that she doesn’t like…

Now of course women cannot know how your personal balance sheet looks like to determined your assets value. They also have no idea how you play nicely into their fantasy. So on that first meeting, the aura that you bring with you and the behavior you engage give women a perception of whether you are Mr Right or not.

This first impression can stick. If women classifies you as Mr Right material, they will start focusing on looking for hard evidence that you ARE Mr Right. Everything else can literally become a blur.

The same works the other way around. If you are perceived as a loser on the first impression, it takes a lot of effort to make women think otherwise in the future. They will continually look for hard evidence that you are a LOSER.

So when you become a man that exudes the aura of Mr Right and implants that fantasy in her mind, you get slotted into the “potential husband” category. This is where you DON’T want to be.

When you become Mr Right material, women will hold off sex and intimacy with you. Because they know they sleep with boyfriends and players. But you are something else… Something more special… You are MR RIGHT. Women are afraid that they would screw up the relationship if they sleep with you too fast, just like how they did with their asshole-ex-boyfriends.

You are Mr Right after all. You will not pressure her to sleep with you. You are EXPECTED to take it slow and champion her holding off sex rationale. And because you are Mr Right, she does not want you to think that she is a loose women who ends up with bed easily with just about any guy… so holding off sex is justifiable.

So what happens during the period where she is holding off sex?

She attempts to find hard evidence that you are Mr Right. And trust me, she will find that you are NOT that fantasy man that she dreams about in her sleep. Because that is…. A FANTASY!

You will get crosses in her checklist and you will very likely fail. And never get any love from her.

I KNOW that you may have met that ONE woman you want. You find that she is so right for you. You want to show her how much you are willing to compromise yourself for her. You want to demonstrate that you are such a great man who has got it together… and who is so right for her. But you are going to LOSE HER if you go about your Mr Right routines too early.

So please… Hold off demonstrating that you are Mr Right until you are ACTUALLY in a relationship with her. Generate attraction by being a man and using simple attraction techniques. Have fun by busting her balls and teasing her. ONLY go about becoming Mr Right AFTER she is involved with you in a relationship.

Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You

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