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Only LOOKS & MONEY Can Get You The Girl You Want

By on August 20, 2010

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If you are someone who has spent too much time conducting lab test on the latest breakthroughs of quantum science… Or spent days and nights looking over accounts trying to get the balance sheets to balance… I think this may just be the most important article that will forever change the way you look at dating.

There’s nothing wrong with being a workaholic and being conditioned to perceive how couples get together. I’ve been there myself.

Before I got into personal development to work on my dating life, I was one clueless chump. The irony was that during those days when I was clueless, I actually THOUGHT that I had it all FIGURED OUT! It would only make sense that A+B=C…

It really sucked when I finally admitted to myself that I needed help. The results don’t lie. Something must be wrong for me to constantly get dismal dating results…

What I’m about to reveal to you can be shocking!

First let’s talk about how men find women attractive. When you walk along the streets of town, you will see hot women. The kind of women you picture serving you strawberries in bed wearing black lingerie. This is even though she could be wearing a full track suit with only her head showing.

Men can be turned on by women just from a visual perspective.

Flip the pages of Playboy… and you might just suddenly get a tight feeling in your pants.

You know what I’m talking about? I’m sure you do. 😀

In my teenage years, I felt that I had to be good looking to get a girlfriend. Simply because I was turned on by bikini babes in magazine covers! It only makes perfect sense that women would only be turned on by men with good looks. Boy… was I WAAAAYYY off the mark…

As I moved on to college education… another theory started to form in my head. I started to witness hot babes only dating guys with fancy cars and branded wear. Instinctively I started to focus to carving out a great career so that one day I will meet that special girl. And she would be attracted to a banker that drives a sports car. People around me also chided in to verify this theory. It’s not even a theory. It is still widely regarded as a principle today.

After working on looks and fancy corporate titles for years… guess what? I did meet women who I would willingly be their man slave just to look at them every day. The thing is that these women ALWAYS dismiss me very fast after meeting.

What did I do wrong? It was only then that I started learning that implementing my personal theories doesn’t mean that there is ATTRACTION. Fancy car does not equal ATTRACTION. And that being a banker in a top international bank does not equal ATTRACTION. Women don’t give a shit if you have any of those even if they say they do. THINKING that these things IS what the girl of your dreams will want in order to be your girlfriend is your downfall… If you don’t arouse attraction, no amount of credit lines or multiple corporate title will get you anywhere near her. Unless you are attempting to slot hard cash down her cleavage at a strip club of course…

Am I hammering this down hard enough? I will do more of that later. 😀

Ever wondered how that fat bulging guy you saw at the mall managed to nick that hot girl with a cleavage that makes silicon valley blush? That is because he managed to make that hot girl feel ATTRACTION for him. His looks, $15,000 income and scrap metal of a car DOES NOT MATTER at all as long as he can make women feel that magical thing called ATTRACTION towards him.

If you insist that women will only be with rich disgusting guys for wealth or fame, you are only partially right. Because women will leave them when they run into a man who makes them feel attraction. A man that they can look up to as a man… and a man who can arouse her just by looking at her in a way…

So how do you make women feel attraction towards you? Good question.

Let me give you a little nugget of advice here. You can first start by not behaving the way you always do when around a woman you fancy. Since you have probably failed at a number of attempts like I did in the past, why not give this a real shot?

STOP behaving the way you always do around women! Those behaviours have already failed you. STOP doing them! Anything else you do might just be better than what you always did. Your past behaviors have already been condemned to bring failure. STOP!

Stop insisting to buy women dinners in an attempt to trick her into a date, stop planning your schedule around her’s, stop calling her 18 times a day to check if she is free, stop sending her gross messages that tells her that she is an angel. STOP and do anything but those.

You are going to notice a big difference.

So what are the top 3 qualities that makes up a man that women can look up to AS A MAN?

1) Confident dominance

2) Being in control of your emotions

3) Having a clear life purpose and direction

If you can communicate that these qualities are within you, get ready for what you wished for.

Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You

Get it delivered to your email

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