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Call Her 48 Times A Day So That She Will Think About You

By on September 5, 2010

Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You

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There is a part of you that wants her to be around you ALL your personal time. You know… that feeling that her presence just makes you feel somewhat assured that she is there. Other then the fact that you need her to physically be there to have sex with her, just having her being around you makes you feel like a man. The feeling is somewhere between being able to look out for her and feeling that her life is built around you. A part of you wants her to be a lioness to serve you food and MATE with you while you watch over your territory. If only…

But alas! She has a life of her own and CANNOT always be there 24/7. In fact she wants you to get a life of your own so that she doesn’t have to babysit you like a useless procrastinator. So you spend some weekends alone… quietly blaming her for your boring lifestyle. In a way, you want to make her feel GUILTY that you don’t have a life. You wonder if she is thinking about you while she is out partying with her friends.

That urge to make the dreaded call to check on her is overwhelming…

You attempt to make her feel guilty in that first call. She finds you cute.

You feel that she didn’t sense how pissed you really are… so you call her again just to check on her… This time, you find out that she has bounced to another club. And she didn’t even inform you… Your FEAR is triggered that you are not in control of the situation. Your territorial instincts take over you, you simply have to know her whereabouts. So you end up calling her 48 times that night just to check on her whereabouts “so that you know that she is safe”.

You wonder why she is avoiding you since…

Amazing as it sounds I have heard variations of that same story told over and over again by a huge number of men… and WOMEN.

I want to be clear enough. YOU DO NOT OWN HER! She does not owe you anything. And you are making a huge mistake by not being able to control your emotions. I wouldn’t blame her if she starts picturing you in a straight jacket for acting like a psycho.

Most dateless men call a women too often just to hear her voice and establish some sort of communication with her. They crave it like a quick cigarette. Don’t get me wrong. Thinking of her is nice. But if you act like a hyperactive telemarketer who is chasing a sales target, you are going to get whacked… and remain dateless.

You see, our emotions work in mysterious ways. On the one hand, a woman who fancies you wants you to miss her. On the other hand, she wants her fun and freedom to do whatever she wants. She wants to meet gorgeous men (not necessarily for the prospect to sleep with them), party, and have others see her as a fun person to hang out with. Don’t blame me, it’s just the way our society is these days.

So when any of your actions communicate in any way that she has to compromise that lifestyle for you… you are walking a very tight rope. NOT calling her just to get a quick fix to your loneliness can actually have a bigger effect on her attraction for you. She will see that you have your own “stuff” to do and will not imprison her in your bedroom.

Even today, I sometimes have to fight that urge to call woman when I know that they are partying just in case they feel that I’m checking on them, even if I am not.

And you know what? Women will bait you into behaving that way AND later tell themselves that you are just too clingy for her. It’s their own cycle of self-validation. Every victim is a trophy. She will write you off so that she can continue telling her story about how difficult it is to find a real man.

Control your urge to possess her.

Use My 5-Word Text Message That Will Keep Her Up All Night Thinking About You

Get it delivered to your email

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